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As they should be, The TT has long pointed out EU democracy to be a sham, a blue smoke and mirrors run institution where its laws are formulated and constructed in secret, rubber stamped in member states’ parliaments and are not worth the paper they’re written on when Brussels decides so.

It would ultimately be a better thing for the EU, as is, to fail, with the something along the lines of the old EEC resurrected and individual parliaments once again representing the will of the people. It’s shame however that only a bit more than half of the Finnish population are worried over the EU’s lack of democracy.  KGS

NOTE: All you Finns that read these pages should be asking yourselves why your favorite party and politicians (outside of the PS that is) have never openly criticized the EU’s undemocratic foundations and functions. Apparently they are either all in agreement with how the EU operates, or too chicken-shit to open up their mouths about it.

Scource: YLE

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  1. EU Economics commissioner Olli Rehn has been wrong so many times in his predictions that nobody should take him seriously any more. He’s just prattling the party line.

    Another Finnish member of the EU nomenklatura, ECB board member Erkki Liikanen surfaced last weekend when he was interviewed in the Finnish Yle television.

    The EU apparachiks blatantly attempt to influnce the formation of Finnish government. Olli Rehn also failed to keep his mouth shut before the election as he instructed the public about the proper way of dealing with the Portuguese bailout.

    The Finnish public has finally had the chance to witness how EU decisions are made and how little influence the voters have when they choose their representatives. The EU agenda moves on and you have no choice to opt out. In addition, there have been some rather explicit threats from the EU establishment telling what will happen if the Finns will not comply with the EU bailout package.

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