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Nothing concrete yet on who the police are looking for and why the restuarant was targeted. KGS

Bomb rocks popular Malmö restaurant

Published: 10 May 11 08:24 CET | Double click on a word to get a translation

A powerful explosion rocked Lilla Torg in central Malmö early Tuesday morning causing extension damage to one of the square’s many restaurants.

Some form of explosive was detonated at around 1.30am Tuesday outside Gökboet on Lilla Torg – a popular nightlife area in central Malmö with numerous restaurants and bars.

One person was taken to hospital with glass splinters in their face. According to initial reports the injured party was working as a night porter at the Hotel Renaissance on Master Johansgatan, a block away from the blast.

The bomb caused extensive damage to Gökboet and to several other buildings in the vicinity, with a number of windows smashed.

“Gökboet is located on quite a narrow street, so there was quite considerable damage,” said Mikael Lindh at Malmö police.

No other people are reported to have sustained injuries in the attack.


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  1. Here is an extract from the comments section after the original article:
    “Sweden (Gentle country) sells Gripen, Tanks, Heavy Guns, and many more Lovely machines to the Afghanistan, India, UAE, Libya and to many poor countries. So may be one of them came here in Malmö and took a small revenge……!!!! Who knows.”

    “Shame on you. Grow up and realize that there is A LOT of sh*t going down in this country that is to be blamed to locals as well:
    1- the worst serial rapist in Sweden’s history
    2- countless of medical blunders that sacrifice many lives due to blatant negligence and stupidity.
    Shall I go on….?
    I’m not defending anyone, but your comment shows how you lack open-mindedness.”
    They are next…

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