YLE: In addition, over 10,000 ninth graders from 139 schools will take part in a trivia competition about the EU.

Yeah, we’ve seen this all before…….

Gee, do you think they’ll be asked trivia questions like these?

1.) What percentage of legislation passed by the parliaments of EU member states into law each year, originate in Brussels? (Answer: 70-75%)

2.) Does the EU parliament function like a real parliament in member states? (Answer: No, they cannot submit legislation, just suggest changes that are approved by the Commission)

3.) Name any individual mentioned by the media that works on any of the working committees that formulate future legislation for the commissions to hand to member state parliaments for rubber stamping? (Answer: No one actually knows who in the hell these people are and what conflicts of interest they might have.)

4.) Do the President of the Commission and President of the European Council run for elected office like presidents of member states? (Answer: No, elitist big shots behind closed doors do that for us.)

5.) Is the Lisbon Treaty actually the rejected EU constitution? (Answer: Yes.)

6.) Does the constitution entail the loss of national sovereignty? (Answer: Yes.)

7.) Is the following statement true of false: The EU is an entirely undemocratic federalist state, with an unelected Commission on top of a decision-making hierarchy. (Answer: Yes)

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    1. Thanks POTB, I just posted that a few mins ago. Excellent piece.

  1. Back in the 1980’s we had a trivia competition about the Soviet Union at school. I came second and got some plastic cubes made in USSR as a prize. They were supposed to be some kind of a puzzle but I never figured out what I should do to solve the puzzle.

    A friend of mine who won the competition got to travel to Moscow.

    All in all, things haven’t changed that much. The hammer and sickle have been replaced by the circle of stars.

    1. Thanks Vasarahammer for that, you’re analysis is spot on, nothing has changed. While one cannot say that the EU is violent towards the people as the now defunct USSR, the corrupted bureaucracy and false sense of democracy is indeed the same if not worse. This “soft” tyranny is even more difficult to dislodge than the USSR, because its made to appear like it’s not a tyranny, but in practice it is exactly that.

  2. It won’t be long before the trivia competition is replaced by ‘Long Live Big Brother” rallies. As the ‘member ‘states continue to lose their sovereignty and local governmental control, the ‘Throne in Brussels’ becomes more powerful delivering the citizens of Europe into the hands of the internationalists in the ‘New World Order”.

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