Bin-Laden Tariq Ramadan


Apparently the sea dump was not good enough for the pious Muslim terrorist, for the other pious Muslims are objecting in ernest. Who in the hell do these people think they are? KGS

Changing bin Laden stories ‘bizarre’: Ramadan

TARIQ RAMADAN: You know, once again, just a week after what happened, I was in New York, and I condemn what happened. I think that this is completely against the Islamic value – and I said it: it’s anti-Islamic.

But I wasn’t happy. I wouldn’t – I will never be happy that we are killing someone. And my first reaction was just simply to think about being – him being arrested and brought to justice. And this is – afterward I heard what the president, Barack Obama, was saying, that they wanted to bring him to justice. And then all these different versions and just very bizarre and weird that we don’t get a straightforward version of what happened.

And look at what is happening now in the Muslim majority countries, is that all the people are asking questions. It’s very strange and that we drop his body in the sea, against all the Islamic rituals and we are told the Islamic rituals and principles are respected.

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  1. Yet another Taqqiya pakistani living it high in the West, while supporting a Jihadi scum.

  2. Yet another Taqqiya spewing “Mustard” living it high in the West, while supporting
    Jihadi scum.

    I hope to see the day when all these Muhammedan scum are dispatched home. They dont belong here.

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