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This happens to be an eloquent response to questions surrounding the anti-Halal sentiment within the Counterjihad movement and how it effects Jewish kosher products. Please take the time to read the essay in full over at Israellycool blog, by Brian of London.

NOTE: Perhaps knowing the history of, and differences between, the two systems of ritual slaughter, will hone the debate on whether Halal and Shechita should be placed side by side.

An Excerpt:

What does this mean for the Counter Jihad?

We need to decide if fighting a battle for what some believe is better treatment of animals has any place in resisting the spread of Islam and Sharia. Just as with the issue of immigration we ask is the counter Jihad about immigration in general or only about Islamic immigration with a goal of eventual domination?

It’s my belief that people interested in taking up the cause of animal rights should do this distinctly from the cause of resisting Islam and Sharia. However, for the counter Jihad, halal slaughter is not an issue of animal treatment. It is an issue of an attempt to take over and dominate the food of infidels and impose on them, against their will, submission to the laws of Islam. That is unacceptable and should be resisted without infringing the legitimate rights of real religious practice.

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  1. I don’t recall restaurants and school canteens forcing people to eat kosher food. I don’t have a problem with kosher food, I’d eat it without a second thought.

    But not that halal shit. The people that do the slaughter are dirty, the food is dirty and the religion behind it is filthy.

    1. I agree. The thing with Halal food is that you don’t know that it is halal food. In Holland there was a report about a supermarket selling Halal meat without telling the costumers. My second problem is that the whole Halal food industry is used to finance terror organizations. CBN news had an interesting story about that.

  2. I’ll check it out but here I think halal food needs to be labelled as such.

    I bought some groceries at the local supermarket recently but my wife refused to eat the brand of yoghurt I had bought; not the brand we are accustomed to buy because it had a small stamp saying it was halal. (I think it was Yoplait.)

    Truth to tell, I had not noticed this.

    We all need to be vigilant in this regard.

    But why are food companies bowing to this minority in this manner?

  3. Thanks for the succinct and timely article.
    I live in a Northern community in Canada and there isn’t one Muslim, not one, zip, zero. zilch; and yet my local No Frills store is selling Halal meat!
    I find now that MCDonalds, and Subway are also selling Hala meat!
    I have learned that Halal meat is a 632 billion dollar a year industry and that thanks to French investigative work there is a direct line between the 632 billion and the financing of Terrorist attacks.
    All those soldiers who died in the middle East fighting an oppressive culture may have died in vain. Our governemnts are surreptitiously embracing the
    the oppressive Sharia Law by allowing Halal Meats.
    Rememer these people SWORE that they would destroy us. Make no mistake they are our enemies.

  4. I would like to ask a question in the hopes that someone has an answer.
    The more I research the issue of Hala meat the more surprises I uncover.

    Can anyone comment on this: Muslims CAN eat meat slaughtered by Jews,
    and Christians (people of the book.)

    If this is accurate, what a surprise!

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