Boko Haram Muslim persecution of Christians


Just like it happened in Rwanda.

The next time whining Muslims comes your way to complain about the mythical “Islamofauxbia” running rampant around the world, kindly remind them about the hunting down of Christians and butchering them in many lands where Muslims are either the majority, or constitute a violent minority.

The evidence is clear, the overwhelming number of Muslims being killed around the world are by the hands of other Muslims, yet the meme is spread that “Islamofauxbia” is on the rise. Get real, there is no such thing as Islamophobia, it’s an entirely made up construct to fend off criticism of Islam and Islamic leaders. These highly anti-Semitic jackasses dare parade themselves as victims all the while they butcher themselves (meaning those deemed not Islamic enough) and other non-muslims, mainly the Christians. KGS

Nigeria’s Church Leaders Want Election Violence Investigation

Christian leaders have called for an investigation into political violence that targeted churches and Christian homes, with at least one clergyman saying yesterday that Islamic attacks following the election of a Christian president were premeditated.

Pastor Emmanuel Nuhu Kure of Throneroom Trust Ministry based in Kafanchan in Kaduna state, reportedly said at a press briefing that the religious component of the political violence should not be discounted.

“How would you explain a spontaneous call to prayer on most of the loudspeakers of the mosques across the city at the same time, at 9 p.m. or thereabout in the night, with a shout of ‘Allah Akbar’ as Muslims began to troop towards the mosques and designated areas, to be followed at 10 p.m. with another call on loudspeakers – this time with a spontaneous shout of “Allah Akbar” from the mosques and most of the streets occupied by Muslims and the burst of gunfire sound that shook the whole city?” Pastor Kure said. “This was repeated a few times, and the killings and burnings began.”

Christians suffered many casualties in the north-central state of Kaduna after supporters of Muslim presidential candidate Muhammudu Buhari lost the April 16 federal election to Goodluck Jonathan, a Christian. Primarily Muslim rioters claimed vote fraud, although international observers praised the polls as the fairest since 1999.

“How come the Muslim fighters . . . were neatly surrounding the walls of the Anglican Cathedral and the Yoruba Baptist pastor’s house and setting them on fire while shooting, without any resistance, if it was not premeditated and planned?” Pastor Kure reportedly said.

As many as 300 Christians were reportedly slain in Kaduna, with 14,000 fleeing their homes after Islamic attacks.

Over the weekend Christian leaders in northern Nigeria called for a federal probe into the post-election violence, saying more than 200 church buildings were burned.

“The violence was both political and religious, because Christians, our churches and property, were the main targets for the destruction by the perpetrators of the violence,” the chairman and secretary of the northern branch of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Peter Jatau and Saidu Dogo respectively, said in a press statement on Saturday (April 30).

The violence broke out in some northern states when protesting Muslim youths went on a rampage, attacking mainly Christians, many of whom retaliated with counter offensives. No reliable figure of the total of Christians killed has emerged as church leaders were still trying to make determinations; some assumed dead have shown up later at resettlement camps.

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