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  1. Do you have a tag called “You gotta be KIDDING!”?

    This is a fine example of how absurd our world has become. It’s bad enough that the UN has people like Pillay in charge of human rights. It’s even worse that the news media found it worthy to report her absurd statement.

  2. ‘Human rights’ is a term that has proven to be meaningless now.

    What about the REAL human rights of his victims, those who jumped out of the towers, and thousand of others through the years.

    Also meaningless: “free speech”, “social justice”, “multiculturalism”, “United Nations”…

    No one talks about love, spirituality, or awareness any more.

    The medicine has become the disease.

  3. What an absolute crock of crap! These UN clowns are nowhere to be found when comments and protests should be made concerning the murders,rapes violent assaults, property destruction, and pogroms perpetrated against Infidels on a daily basis throughout the Islamic world. Their silence is sickening.

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