The TT smelled a rat from the git go when the pic surfaced. A TT reader sends the pic of the real corpse whose face was photoshopped to look like Osama. Many thanks for this. KGS

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  1. That is definitely not bin Laden. Are we going to have to put up with 50 years of Elvis-like sightings of this idiot?

    Thank you USA for bungling this and apparently and promptly “burying it at sea”. Best to display the corpse instead of expecting the world to rely on someone’s story with no evidence. Where’s the Death Certificate, Obama?

  2. If McCain, Bush, Rumsfeld, and Dick Cheney
    approve of Obama “killing” bin Laden,
    there must be something fishy.

    As Jesse Ventura, a former SEAL, said,
    the SEALS probably killed someone who
    looked like bin laden. bin Laden died
    years ago.

    It took forensic scientists months and
    they still haven’t been able to analyze
    DNA in Amanda Knox’s case. Just how
    did they do it in less than 24 hours for
    bin Laden, when they never had bin
    Laden’s DNA to match with anything?

    If any other country had done what Obama
    did, we’d neve believe it. If some other
    country killed someone and dumped their
    body in the ocean, we’d never accept it
    as legitimate or real. How did the
    SEALS identify bin Laden, in the dark,
    in a split second? they just killed several
    old men, dumped one in the ocean and
    said he was bin laden. Obama and
    the military have had practice doing fake
    stories, with Jessica Lynch and Pat Tillman.
    the military wants to make itself look good,
    no matter what the facts. Obama wants to
    make himself look good, regardless of the
    facts. bin Laden’s death May 1 is a classic

    1. I disagree david, but I doubt that will persuade you otherwise.

  3. I think Osama bin Laden and everyone else that was involved in the 911 fake attack is sitting in Dearborn Michigan the biggest arabic city in the united states our government lies praise upon its citizens and other people and other nations for wealth we as a nation need to stand up against our own government and take back what belongs to us we need to stop this government from doing the things it’s doing and has been doing for years

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