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Diana West is one of the more consistent voices out there telling it like it is. Pakistanis in both the military and in the government have been playing a dual game with the US, feigning support for the US’s war on terror (badly, badly misnamed) while helping to destabilize Afghanistan for whatever reasons that they may have.

Understanding that simple truth helps one to realize that finding Bin-Laden over the past decade has actually been a cat and mouse game between the US and Pakistan. It’s why the US failed to inform the Pakistanis about what they knew until they were ready to spring the trap. KGS

Diana West : Osama bin Laden was killed in a mansion located in a “densely populated” area called Abbottabad, 30 miles outside Islamabad — not in that dark, wet cave in the North West Territories where, it was often imagined, his only luxury would have been a dialysis machine plugged into a generator. No, the jihad kingpin was living a good life in what passes for civilization in Pakistan. As Dexter Filkins tells us, Abbottabad is home to “a Pakistani military base, a military academy, and many retired Pakistani officers.”

Is it even remotely possible everyone in town knew nothing? And have I mentioned (lately) that themotto of the Pakistani Army is “Faith in Allah, fear of Allah, and jihad in the path of Allah”?


Filkins writes:

… the fact that Osama was hiding in an urban area raises many obvious questions, like who was taking care of him, and how. …

You can be sure of one thing: American officials no longer regard Pakistan’s leaders with a great deal of trust, if they ever did. In the case of Osama’s death, initial indications are that Pakistani military and intelligence officials may have provided some routine coöperation with the Americans but were not given the identity of the target. This makes sense: In recent months, American officials have stopped informing Pakistani officials ahead of time about the C.I.A.’s drone strikes against militants in the tribal areas, out of fear that they might be tipped off.


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