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Look at the Tundra Tabloids’ earlier posts on the Egyptian unrest, from the very beginning the TT has said that a post-Mubarak Egypt would be a disaster for the region. Tghe deposed dictator was no friend of the Jewish state, but he had incentive to keep the border monitored to ensure that Hamas wouldn’t be strengthened and serve as a launching pad for the Muslim Brotherhood activity in inside Egypt.

That’s all moot now, the people of Egypt will soon have either the Arab League’s Amr Moussa at the helm or Mohamed al-Baradei, the stooge for the Muslim Brotherhood. Either or spells misery for the region for decades to come. Some of the first signs of that misery are in the article(s) below. KGS

Israeli official: We are troubled by developments in Egypt

04/30/2011 13:04

Official tells ‘WSJ’ Rafah opening “can affect Israel’s security at strategic level”; Egyptian official to Israel: Don’t meddle in our internal affairs.

Israel is concerned about recent developments in Egypt, a senior Israeli official said on Friday according to a Wall Street Journal report published Saturday.

The unnamed official said “These developments can affect Israel’s national security at a strategic level.”

The comments come in response to Egypt’s plans to open the Rafah border crossing with the Gaza Strip.

Egyptian Chief of Staff General Sami Anan on Friday warned Israel not to interfere in Egypt’s internal affairs.

Anan wrote on his Facebook page that “Israel has no right to interfere in the issue of the opening of the Rafah crossing. This is an Egyptian-Palestinian matter.”

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  1. Therefore, Egypt will not interfere within Israeli matters.
    Egypt has done pretty well out of the chilled peace with Israel. The tourist resorts and the gas industry was started by Israeli initiative. When one considers that the Sinai was more or less uninhabited and was really never a part of Egypt.

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