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These mosques seem to be targeting residential areas, and the people have every right to voice their opinions over it, and to reject it, if they feel the need to do so. A mosque is not just for praying, but for strategizing against the infidel, so we non-Muslims are well within our rights to reject their being planted within our communities. KGS

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Mosque in Zone Fight

New Jersey Group Sues After Plans for Center Are Thwarted


An Islamic group sued Bridgewater, N.J., for religious discrimination after the town changed zoning rules to block a mosque from opening in a residential neighborhood.

The Al Falah Center wanted to convert a former banquet hall located on a quiet side street into a mosque, day-care facility and community center for a diverse group of Muslim Americans who have been trying to find a home for the center more than a decade, according to the lawsuit filed on Tuesday in federal court in New Jersey.

But when the plans were making their way through the municipal channels, hundreds turned up to oppose the mosque. Though residents said their concerns were about traffic and other mundane quality-of-life issues, some people questioned where the group’s funding was coming from, and whether it had ties to terrorist organizations.

On March 14, the town agreed to limit houses of worship to certain main roads and other selected roads, including all areas where current churches and temples—including for Catholic, Protestant, Hindu, Sikh and Jewish congregations—were already located. Al Falah said the town deliberately jimmied with the process, pushing their planning-board application hearing until after the town changed the law, to block the mosque.

“This conduct is discriminatory and imposes a substantial burden on plaintiffs’ right to the free exercise of their religion in violation of federal and state constitutional and statutory requirements,” the lawsuit said.

An attorney for the town, Bill Savo, said he hadn’t yet seen the complaint. “The town always has a history of acting in good faith,” he said. “We believe we acted appropriately.”

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  1. Izzlam, using freedom and democracy, to destroy freedom and democracy. Don’t worry the followers of the teachings of the prophet and their leftist allies will use every ‘legal’ means to further their cause.

  2. Why residential? Oh yeah,so they can wail though their loudspeakers all day and peacock though the neighborhood,eventually driving out the indigenous population and supplanting it with their own.Gotcha!

    1. Bridgewater NJ. is a large township in centeral NJ. It has malls an industrial and commerical section and some very fine home in subdivisions, many worth over one mollion dollars US. IMHO the chanting of the so-called call to prayer five times a day. blaring over the countryside, would drive property values into the basement. Perhaps that is their plan drive out the Infidels and get palitial homes on the cheap. Of course any objection will bring immediate accusations of racism and Islamaphobia, and a horde of lawyers swarming to the area.

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