No, the UN run pali refugee agency wouldn’t want these kids confusing the holocaust of the 40’s, with the one they’re planning for the Jews in the present. It would be all so…confusing. KGS

NOTE: UNWRA employees wouldn’t want to confuse these tots.

More here.

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  1. These children are raised on hate. The other thing they are not taught is that almost a million Jews were chased out of Arab countries with little more than the shirts on their backs–while their Arab neighbors moved into their homes, took their money and businesses and vandalized everything else. Nobody asks about what happened to the non-muslims in the middle east.

    1. Not just that. I wonder what they teach the children about the existence of Israel and the historical claim of the Jews on the land of Israel.

  2. We wouldn’t want facts and history to conflict with the pure hatred so carefully nurtured in the Arab/Muslim world.

    In the West, before our focus on defending ourselves from the Islamic invasions and appeasement of it from within, either physical or as it seeps into the fifth column’s thought processes, there was a time when many of us would anticipate humanity’s maturation into higher awareness. For the most part, that is the intention of the West, however the growth of this kind of thinking will have to be applied to defense from large regions of the planet which are committed to evil.

    I can’t describe it in terms of defense against ‘animal’ behavior since it does a disservice to animals.

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