Ethanol E10 gasoline that has replaced the regular E95 octane, sucks. Gas consumption for vehicles jumped over 1 liter per 100 kilometers. So no only it it more expensive, you end up with less kilometers driven per fill-up. It’s been a disaster here, and no one asked for our approval, they just went ahead and did it to fulfill some stupid agreement on reducing Co2 emissions.

It’s all a scam, because the amount of energy that goes into making biofuel offsets any added advantages using ethanol based fuels to combat global warming. So that’s teh the reason many people are using the higher octane fuel that costs about 10 cents more per liter than the crap E10 that their forcing us to use.

Though there’s a greater demand for the other fuel, obviously the German government has restricted the production of it to “ween” the people from it, so now there’s a shortage, hence the station’s jacking up of the price to gouge or hoard it for some reason. This is what happens when the people are hoodwinked by the environmentalists and you have a statist enough government to exact such irrational anti-free market controls. KGS

NOTE: Gas in Finland hovers around 5.688 Euros a US gallon, or $8.32 a gallon

In the town of Filderstadt, south of the Baden-Württemberg capital, the Esso petrol station apparently raised the price to a prohibitive level in a deliberate attempt to dissuade motorists from buying it, police reported. The station was running low on the fuel amid a nationwide shortage.

Nevertheless, several customers still used the pump, despite the fact that it actually carried a warning sign against filling up with super. They were then taken by complete surprise when they got to the cash register.

Customer Yunus G. told daily Bild he put 21 litres in his BMW and was asked to pay €209.98.

“I didn’t pay attention to the price. Who expects something like that? Nearly €10 for one litre? It’s a swindle,” he said.

He called the police but was told he needed to pay, otherwise the Esso station would make a complaint.

One woman from Filderstadt was asked to pay just under €200 for 20 litres. Another customer filled up with 10 litres. Both also refused to pay and instead called the police.

The Esso attendant had done nothing wrong, police said, because he had no say in the fuel price.

“The price was determined by the head office,” a police spokesman said.

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