Palestinian terrorism


The Tundra Tabloids wonders whether these are the same bastards Euro police trained a few years back, or did they skip out on the law and order part of their training, and just focused honing their skill on the shooting range? More Euro money pissed down the drain. KGS

NOTE: These bastards just live to murder.

Israeli killed murdered, 2 wounded in West Bank



JERUSALEM — Palestinians shot and killed one Israeli and wounded two others early Sunday near Joseph’s Tomb, a Jewish holy site inside the Palestinian city of Nablus, the Israeli military and rescue services said.
The circumstances of the shooting were not immediately clear. One man approximately 30 years old reached an Israeli base outside Nablus before dying of his wounds, the military and rescue services said.

Two others, approximately 20 and 17, reached a Jewish settlement nearby with bullet wounds and were rushed to hospital.

Jewish worshippers often enter Nablus with a military escort to pray at the small building traditionally identified as the tomb of the biblical patriarch, located inside a Palestinian-ruled area. Those visits are coordinated with Palestinian security forces. The Israelis’ visit on Sunday, however, appeared not to have been coordinated with either side.

Israel’s Army Radio reported that the worshippers identified the shooters as Palestinian policemen.

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  1. We in the west have a strange habit of handing our hangman the rope with which to hang us ,and then we thank him when he puts it around our collective necks.

  2. These people are so full of hatred. I can’t believe that Palestinians still have Western supporters. They simply don’t deserve any support anymore. A few years back I still believed that they wanted their own country, but I don’t anym0re. All they want is to destroy. And the West keeps supporting them. I’m so sick of it all.

  3. This is obviously a loss of human life which is condemned but I have visited this area myself and also Hebron and Jerushelem.My observation was that some Jewish groups totaly thought they were above every law and Palestinians have no right to exist.I find it very strange that when any Palestinian dies these so called Western intelectuals don’t find any courage to condemn it just covering it by saying Israel has a right to defend itself.How many Innocent Palestinians have been killed but please don’t forget that those were also human lives not in anywayvcheaper than any other blood.

    1. Excuse me, Jewish groups, What Jewish groups are you referring to? It doesn’t matter what “some” Jewish groups believe or don’t believe, Israeli rule of law is what defines the differences between Israel and the Arabs.

      Your other note of how the world’s leaders treat both sides when one of their own are killed, reveals your ignorance or disingenuousness. Hamas launches war crimes rockets into Israel for months, and the world yawns, Israel finally retaliates,…and they scream bloody murder. Nope, you’re wrong about that as well.

  4. Iam am not interestesed in any excuses the palestinien police presented, this was just another good excuse for them to murder in cold blood defenceless religious Jews who wished to pray at the revered tomb of Joseph. I would take very strong retalaiation against those police who fired upon the jewish worshippers, they should be taken out and shot to death. What all this is about is that the Wakf (Islamic religious courts)trying their utmost to de-legitimize any Jewish relics, in other words they just can’t stand the idea of jews praying whatsoever, as they see it as an infringement on their own perverted religion.

    1. Sadly Samir, these ‘policemen’, if they are ever tried in a Palestinian court, will be turned out from their cells after a short time, there is no such thing as the rule of just law in that society. Period. So in that case, capital punishment as you proscribed is the only kind of justice in which the perps will serve the whole sentence.

  5. Well, the rule of law for breaching an IDF order in a zone under the control of Israeli forces would undoubtedly be shooting to death if the infringement was by a Muslim, so why not for a Jew? You’re surely not trying to tell me that the IDF has different laws for Jews and non-Jews?

    Basically you had a carload of religious terrorists trying to provoke an incident. They succeeded. Unfortunately only one of them became a martyr. Perhaps his name will be inscribed on Baruch Goldstein’s memorial.

    1. You are low of the low. You would be the very first to cry foul over the IDF shooting someone trying to plant a bomb near a security fence, yet no condemnation of a car full of pilgrims being shot at in cold blooded murder. You’re sick.

      1. Too true. Disgusting.

        He forgot to mention that Jews do not go around planting bombs in the hope that Arabs will be blown up in cafes, buses, etc.

        As I said just disgusting.

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