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The statists’ appetite for your wealth is insatiable.

Folks, the EU is a top-down statist enterprise that cares little for protecting individual property rights, the rule of law or fiscal responsibility. They treat each and every member as vassals or subjects to the state. There is no end to their meddling in the private affairs of these member states because there is no longer any real sovereignty.

This is just another example of the need to end the EU once and for all. Having a free trade agreement between the states is one thing, but a monolithic monetary, political union is an entirely different thing altogether. There is no real democracy in Europe to speak of, at least in those states that dance to the EU’s statist tune.

In short, reject statism, reject socialism, reject the EU. KGS

The last straw for British taxpayers: £400 per family demanded by EU

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Daniel Hannan exposes the statist here:

NOTE: Thanks to Mark Levin for reminding about this excellent video in his broadcast last night.

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  1. If you think the the fiscal demands of the EU are excessive and draconian, one wonders what type of confiscation of wealth would occur in a Utopian ‘New World Order’.

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