Anti-Obama Lt.Col Allen West Obama


“This whole talk about shared prosperity–that really gives me the goosebumps because I’m starting to believe that a community organizer is nothing but a low-level socialist agitator.”

H/T: Breitbart

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  1. The problem is, the forces that West represents are no better, and on many issues, far worse. They sound like they have the answers, but they supported candidates that created the hole, yet we should trust that they want to act for the people?

    1. Listen pal, the Democrat Party and some Republican RINOS are to blame for the mess, the Tea Party represents the remedy, back to basics US constitutionalism. Both of the just named resist it tooth and nail. The Tea Party is fighting on two fronts, if you don’t get that, you never will.

      1. I get both of your points. In the West we seem to have major problems with our so called elites. They don’t represent us anymore. You see al these new parties winning big time in Europe. The US has the same problem. I think all of us realize that they are not perfect but we have to work with it.

        I myself would rather vote for a new party and knowing that they have flaws instead of voting for the old elite parties knowing that I’m only useful as a citizen before the elections. Because after the elections they just go their own way and do as they please.

      2. I see it different, and believe that the Tea Party has a side to it that is antithetical to freedom and liberty.

        I also think that the problems in American came largely to fore under Republicans, and certainly no less than under Democrats.

        Calling me pal the way you did was inappropriate.

        1. Boo hoo.

          You have a very thin skin pal.

          Time to step up and take the parry and thrust of open discussion without taking offense over nothing at all.

          1. Thin skin? All I said was that it was inappropriate. I am not and was not ever crying, and your comment is rather juvenile.

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