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This is post is as multicultural as it gets folks. Via from down under, Sheik Yer’Mami advertises an anti-Halal demo set to take place in France via a pro-counterjihad site in (correction= Brazil) Portugal and now you’re getting news of it from Finland. KGS

Del Olho na Jihad: France is organizing a demonstration against the domination of Halal food, which as the poster says the campaign “reflects the Islamization of the country. ” The campaign is intended to be done with much humor to attract attention. If you’re French, buy your Bancon, put a pig mask on and go to the streets!

From the French site:

Reflects the Islamisation of our country, the growing share of the halal food system in our concern for all the French who refuse to eat meat slaughtered in the name of Allah, often without their knowledge.

Born following the success of the invasion of Halal Quick Villeurbanne from 70 pigs in May 2010, this idea of big demonstration against the halal taking shape today.

We decided to place our event under the banner of humor and shift around the porcine theme. Weconsider the second degree is the best way to raise public awareness on the issue of halal andIslamization.

Engaged citizens, consumer associations, butchers and delicatessens, activists lay or causeanimal breeders or simple Lyonnais please show your opposition to halal and Islamization in manycoming Saturday, May 14, 2011 in Lyon, in this first March of Pigs.

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  1. I hope those mask wearers are packing when they do this.

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