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This story comes to the Tundra Tabloids via the NIJ blog, concerning a 15 year old school girl’s op-ed published in the Norwegian newspaper Aftensposten. She describes the anti-Semitism in the school she attends where she is repeatedly, and rather openly referred to as “the Jew” or “fucking Jew” by her fellow students, as well as an incident in which her elderly relatives were refused a ride by a couple of Muslim taxi drivers because they were heading to a synagogue.

Norway is a petri dish of vile, outlandish anti-Semitic behavior and bitterly irrational anti-Israel hatred. They keep denying that it exists, all the while it rages around them. Please forward this far and wide, and special thanks to the NIJ blog for forwarding this to me. KGS

UPDATE: Michael Laudahn sends the following: Photo: ‘Jøde-parasitten skaffet oss 9. april’ means something like ‘The jew parasite got us april 9′ – possibly referring to the date in 1940 where Norway’s german occupation started.

From the Aftenposten:

Jew as an insult

Quite seriously, when will this hatred end?

I am very tired of comments like “fucking Jew” and “end to Jews.” When I told my grandmother that someone said such things to me in school, she was beside himself. I almost thought she would faint. Little did she know how much Jew hatred in Norway has evolved.

“Jew!” Is a frequently used term of abuse. Not only to Jews but to everyone and everything. “Jew,” if you get bad on a test. “Jew,” if you fall short of the goal in soccer.

The other day I was in a Bar Mitzva (comparable to a Christian confirmation), and relatives from several countries came to celebrate. My grandmother’s siblings were too weak to go to synagogue. They went to a taxi and the driver asked where they were going. The man came from the Middle East, and would not take them to the synagogue. They were bewildered, but went to the next taxi. The same thing happened. This is unbelievable!

Little did she know how much Jew hatred in Norway has evolved.

I’m not Jewish, but my dad is. What’s the point of constantly asking me “isn’t your father a Jew?”. Several times I found excuses to go home early from school, because I can not bear to cry in front of others.

One time I did my homework together with two friends. She said “Jew,” one to the other, and she other said “hush, Xxx is sitting here. ” When she answered first, “It does not matter, she knows that I use Jew as an insult.” To those of you that use the Jew, negro, paki, whore, gay, etc. as an insult: Please end it! Believe it or not, people get hurt.

Girl with a Jewish family (15)

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  1. Photo: ‘Jøde-parasitten skaffet oss 9. april’ means something like ‘The jew parasite got us april 9’ – possibly referring to the date in 1940 where Norway’s german occupation started.

  2. Stuff like this makes me so angry. Norwegians should be ashamed of themselves. What the hell is wrong with these people? Tell me KGS, you probably know more about Norway than I do (I know you’re not Norwegian) but are there people standing up for the Norwegian Jews, maybe politicians who say enough is enough?

    1. Hi POTB, I am told that there are some who do stick up for both Jews and Israel, but they are out gunned by the Arab/Muslim Lobby.

  3. The Norwegians and others like are on a path that will lead them to their own undoing. I noted the sign about April 9th and the word “parasite” stood out.

    (TT: Edited for incitement reasons: The Muslims….) They demand tolerance and demand acceptance of Shariah law but are intolerant of any other group. They are sucking away the freedoms and rights of Norwegians and others. The Muslims (TT: edited) inject hate and intolerance into the world, a world that has pretty much turned a blind eye towards this and has done nothing to combat this spreading pestilence.

    (TT note to Nursecrd: You are more than welcome to comment here, and the TT takes to editing with great reluctance, but Finnish free speech laws are strict, and I can’t run the risk of running afoul of them. In the end, Im responsible for everything posted. KGS)

  4. All of the Jewish people in Norway should leave now before it gets any worse. Norway is about to become the 59th Muslim state as the UK has already become the 58th. Jewish people of Norway get some place safe and sit back and watch justice being done to the anti-semitic Norwegians simply by the Norwegians themselves allowing the cancer of Islam to take over their country. They are about to find out what it is like to live under sharia. The Lord may not be swift but he is just. Let Norway reap the Islamic “benefits” of their disgusting behavior.

  5. What fools they are in Norway. Who is next after the Jews? IMHO when there are no Jews left other groups will be targeted .

    1. Exactly. On a website subsidized by the Dutch government a Muslim man or women said this:
      ‘The question is not if we should kill the Jews, the question is who is next. ‘
      People don’t seem to understand that it doesn’t stop with harassing Jews. Other groups will be next if we let them have their way.

  6. after the muslims genocide the saturday prayer goers(jews) they will come after the sunday prayer goers(christians),atheists like me are already dead men walking in their eyes,strike the heads from the unbelievers

  7. I could only imagine what would happen had it been a Muslim couple denied a ride to the mosque.

  8. There is only one think to do with anti Semites like these, shoot the B—erds. If it was my grand children I would have shot the sh-ts

  9. Read the Qur’an for yourself if you want the truth of Islam. Muslims hate all Infidels because Allah aka Satan tells them to do so.

    Qur’an (3:56) – “As to those who reject faith, I will punish them with terrible agony in this world and in the Hereafter, nor will they have anyone to help.”

    Qur’an (8:12) – “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them”

    Qur’an (9:30) – “And the Jews say: Ezra is the son of Allah; and the Christians say: The Messiah is the son of Allah; these are the words of their mouths; they imitate the saying of those who disbelieved before; may Allah destroy them; how they are turned away!”

    Qur’an (5:51) – “O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends; they are friends of each other; and whoever amongst you takes them for a friend, then surely he is one of them; surely Allah does not guide the unjust people.”

    And, There are hundreds of additional hateful Islamic teachings, all of which are directed at non-believers. They practice their beliefs every day: killing Christians in Egypt, burning down churches and Buddhist temples in Pakistan, and murdering Jewish families in their homes. These are a few of the hundreds of examples occurring monthly of Muslims practicing their “religion”. It’s no coincidence that the holy number of the Qur’an is 666.

  10. this is not really an issue regarding islam. these norwegians are the same people along with the finns and swedes who freely joined the waffen ss. now does it make sense?

    1. Finns were fighting the Soviets in the Finnish Army, don’t make it seem like they all joined the Waffen SS to do so.

      1. Had the Finns not fought the Soviets, Finland would have been just one more Iron Curtain country, suffering along with Eastern Europe in the decades long era of a ‘Communist Workers Paradise’.

        1. Exactly Big Frank. Finns were fighting for their own existence, co-belligerents does not make them allies with the Nazis. The US and rest of the Free World at the time saw it as such.

  11. To Mark the Infidel: could you please give your reasoning as to why you state that the holy number of the Qu’rân is 666. I’d be extremely interested.

    Yours truly has no love for Islâm or Muslim fanatics (and that ideology is one that robs its adherents of their intelligence, freedom and peace all too quickly and totally!!!); however, knowing why that holy number is 666 could be very useful!! Many thanks in advance!!!

  12. After years of painstakking research, I’ve realised the number of te “Holy” Quran is actually Islam is a religion for a888holes. (You need your SHIFT button for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th letters of the last word).

  13. I think that the norwegian people deserve whats coming to them. They have been on drugs and off of Christianity waaaayyyy to long (75% of them, that is). Not one in 1000 of them has the strength or determination to be a viking warrior anymore. Too bad too. I got norwegian in my blood, but I’m taking pills for it. And I might add; I am always curious why the europeans didn’t go about changing their governments when they saw how the American people got on. Nope, they just continued on their down-hill slide that started during WWI. Life was just too easy I guess.

  14. As a Muslim, I’m DISGUSTED by that behaviour. Those “men” should have given those gentlemen a ride to the Synagogue. They have every bit the same right to worship God that we do.

    1. Unfortunately, your Islamic texts contain many highly anti-Semitic passages which contribute to the mentality of these cab drivers.

  15. Maybe there is a solution.Jews can move to a more inviting and non anti-semite country and the muslims can move to Norway. Europe still has alot of anti-semetic areas and disfuse that fact by calling other countries racist, fascist etc.
    Norway can have all the muslims it can hold and when the native ppl are all murdered more can immigrate.

  16. Quoting from your very last sentence: “Believe it or not, people get hurt”. I believe it. Do you?

    Ouch. I wonder what insidious messages your delivering to your viewers when your prime focus is on the worst parts of the Muslim culture. I say Muslim Culture because Islam is not a culture, and certain Muslims do tarnish Islams reputation. So I understand “Jew” or “Yahoudi” to convey a bad situation or curse someone is just as bad as influencing your audience to look at Muslims in a certain view.

    I’m mortified by that Taxi drivers behaviour. I would have totally driven your grandmother’s sibs to the Synagogue! Right at the front door, particularly because they’re elderly. Synagogues are just as holy as Churches and Mosques, in my opinion. Please don’t generalise the people of the Near East based on the Taxi man, just like you’d like more people to respect the usage of the word ‘Jew’.

    So please think about this— too much attention given to anything can turn into a trend. Like using the word Jew, Chink, ginger for bad things or calling all Germans N*zi’s and all Iraqis suicide b*mbers. Or hinting out that Islam is violent based on the radical stories here. No no no. 🙁 Norway is the most beautiful country, and they should be happy visitors are spending money there and showing interest…and the visitors must respect one another. 🙂 Visitors are okay. Argh, but immigration=another story for another time!

    1. What came first the chicken or the egg? Islam is indeed a culture, an imperialist one, one that forces Saudi Arabism (synonymous with true Islam) upon the rest of the world. Speaking the truth about Islam and how that ideology influences the average Muslim is not hate speech, but a presenting of the facts as they are. Are you willing to join me right now and condemn the passages in the Koran and accepted hadiths and sunna that are highly anti-Semitic and that propagate the mentality of these Muslim taxi drivers? Hardly.

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