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The Tundra Tabloids is still mulling over Carl Bildt’s welcoming Swedish activists last year, who tried to break Israel’s and Egypt’s (at the time of Mubarak) legal weapons blockade of the Gaza Strip. Bildt welcomed these Swedish (and assorted others) Hamas sympathizers with open arms, … the immoral creep.

Now Bildt stands in judgement of the True Finns? In a normal society the Sweden Democrats would be making as tremendous gains as the True Finns. Why they haven’t been as successful as the Finnish party, shows the depth of socialist brainwashing and corruption that has held sway over that society for more than 5 decades. KGS

NOTE: Meanwhile Malmö burns and the mayor, Ilamr Reepalu, fiddles to the sound of Jews packing up and leaving.

Sweden mulls impact of Finnish far-right rise

Sweden’s foreign minister Carl Bildt has expressed concern over the possible impact of the Finnish elections on Nordic and EU countries, after the emergence of a nationalist party as a political force.

In a blog post entitled “Finland’s business and the Nordic countries”, Bildt concluded that the election success of Perussuomalaiset or the “True Finns”, on an anti-immigrant, anti-EU platform presented a challenge for Finland and its relations with the region.

“A Finland which turns its back on both the Nordic countries and Europe would be another Finland. I don’t think it will go this far though. The other major parties have a clear line on these important issues,” he said.

Carl Bildt furthermore highlighted the cause of the Swedish minority in Finland.

“From a Swedish perspective there is reason for concern over the tone adopted by the party against the Swedish minority,” Bildt added.

The Local reported last week that the European Council had expressed concern over the status of Swedish as an official minority language in Finland.

The True Finns support the abolition of bilingualism and an end to Swedish as a compulsory subject in schools.

More here.

NOTE: Carl Bildt’s party and the rest, except for the Sweden Democrats, pander to the anti-Semitic Muslim community for votes.

4 Responses

  1. Once the Jews have gone, THEY will be in the front line!! Regardless of whether they get their comeuppance, it is diabolical that they are not protecting the Jews!!

  2. Scandinavia is to change its nature in the next decade from being pro-Muslim anti-Israel and anti-Jews to be passionate anti-Muslim societies. The upgrading waves of blacks and Muslims immigrants that are sweeping and washing away through Europe and Scandinavia begin to influence harshly over the Europeans themselves. Violence is to erupt all over the continent and even influence on ties and relationship among the states themselves. This is the cost they are to pay for being anti-Israel through all the last 60 years.

  3. I can guarantee you that in 9 years when all the people become aware of all of these social ills all of Scandinavia(Sweden, Finland, Norway, Iceland, Denmark) will become staunchly conservative, nationalistic and Christian. By this I mean feminism will be non existent and heterosexual families will once again be the norm with the father as the head of the household and women as mothers and housewives. All of this will happen once all the people leave behind the far-left, left-wing, centre-left, centre, centre-right parties behind and join right-wing and far right parties in order to resist the invaders and degeneracy of our society and the Lutheran churches will no longer accept homosexuality and female pastors because those movements will be seen with bad eyes as should have always been. This will inevitably happen and us Scandinavians will cleanse our societies and keep them like that for all generations to come.

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