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Suicide Bomber Praying as He Detonates Bomb: Survivor

JakartaGlobe: A witness says a suspected suicide bomber that detonated a bomb during Friday prayers at an mosque in a police compound in Indonesia’s West Java province was wearing black clothes and praying.

“He was praying. From the third row, suddenly there was a blast. I was at the last row,” Anton was quoted as saying by Detik news Web site.

“It seems like a suicide bombing. And the person was killed,” he said.

Several people, reports say as many as 17, were wounded in what appears to be a terrorist attack at a mosque inside Cirebon Police Headquarters at 12:15 p.m.

“We suspect it was a suicide bombing,” West Java police chief Suparni Parto told Elshinta radio.

One man, the suspected bomber, was killed in the explosion.

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