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It should have been the only objective early on, then turn the page. The humanitarian crisis was a ruse from the very beginning Now there talking about handing assistance to the rebels, of which many are al-Qaida terrorists. Nope, the Tundra Tabloids can’t approve of that hair brained scheme. Kill the dictator and then let the two sides come to some agreement, funding terrorist should never be an option. KGS

‘Gaddafi must go – for good’: Tory MPs demand recall of the Commons over ‘illegal’ Libya war

Last updated at 10:20 PM on 15th April 2011

David Cameron is facing demands from MPs to recall Parliament amid claims that Britain and its allies are now openly seeking ‘illegal’ regime change in Libya.

France last night admitted the aim of the conflict extends beyond the current mandate in international law – and includes the overthrow of Colonel Gaddafi.

It came after Mr Cameron, Barack Obama and Nicolas Sarkozy used a joint article to vow to fight on in Libya until the dictator is ousted. The leaders said Gaddafi ‘must go, and go for good’.

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