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I ain’t misbehavin….

Airline staff accused of ‘misbehaviour’

4 Emirati women accuse staff of preventing them from boarding; they used harsh language, says airline official

By Staff
Published Wednesday, April 13, 2011
Four Emirati lady passengers have accused Flydubai crew of harrassing them at Doha airport while they were checking-in to return to UAE.

They claimed staff confiscated their tickets and prevented them from boarding the aircraft on March 3, reported ‘Emarat Al Youm’.

They later took a Qatar Airways flight back home. Their troubles allegedly began at Doha airport, when a clerk “abused them and delayed the issuance of tickets”, they said. Meanwhile, officials of Flydubai, said the staff dealt with the four girls professionally and in accordance with official standards.

Laila S, one of the complainants, said: “The problem started when I asked the employee at the counter to allocate a seat next to my friends.

The staff agreed and continued to weigh my luggage, when another staff member came over and shouted at me asking me to take the luggage as they were no seats. I asked him to talk decently.”

Later while they were proceeding to board the flight, the same employee prevented them from entering the flight, said Aicha A. “He did not give us any justification as to why we should not get on the plane. We pleaded saying our children were waiting for us.”

We were treated as if we were terrorists”, she added.

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