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True Finns’ Timo Soini says Kippis Portugal!

Finnish parliamentary elections are in a week, and the main hot button issue is the EU bailout of the failed south. Presently all the top parties are for the bailout except the True Finns. The Portuguese government’s recent bellying up to the bailout trough is welcome news for the TF party, with the overwhelming majority of Finns rejecting the bailout, it means that Soini’s group is looking for a big win at the polls. KGS

Majority of Finns Oppose Bailout

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  1. A H/T to the Finns. No one knows where all of this bailout mania will end certainly not with Portugal or Greece. Then in the future will these dependent nations ask for a second or third bailout , and continue the same foolish fiscal polices thinking that someone will always be out there to ‘throw them a rope’. However the rope can be used in two ways to pull them in and assist them or to hang them.

    1. Ric, let me clarify my statement, In my comment I meant that the lender always has the upper hand and in many cases put unreal and unfair demands on debtor nations. The IMF in the past has bankrupted countries leading to civil wars and chaos as in the Balkans.

      1. Big Franck, thank you for your clarification. I interpreted your final sentence in another way due to the content of your preceding frases. Those seemed, to me, aggressive and condescending. But, if that is your true opinion, you’re right. Past interventions of IMF showed us that their “help” almost always strangled the country where they entered. I hope Portugal won’t be another example of that. That’s why i spoke of the Iceland case, in my response to KGS. But, who knows? Only time will tell.

        My best regards to you.

  2. Hang us? Nice. A really nice thought.

    The bailout is a loan. Which we will pay. With interest rates. So, whats your problem, besides being xenophobic? If that line of thought is akin to be a true finn, i say that true finns are really an ecological version of Hitler: why pollute the environment with gas chambers? Just hang those pigs from the “failed south”.

    EU dies a little everytime someone says such irresponsable “blagues”.

    I salute you from the “dependent nation”, Portugal.

    And you are welcome here. No ropes attached. Just nice beaches, a millenary culture, great food, excellent wines and cordial people.

    1. Any ‘loan’ that carries a risk to the one doing the loaning, is indeed a bailout. You southerners have been living high off the hog of the public sector without a care for who is going to pay for the big party. When it suddenly collapses around you then you’re up in arms and surprised about people not wiling to fund your utopia.

      There no such thing as a free lunch pal, and just you wait, you and all your leftist pals wil be in the streets blowing your whistles and banging your drums against the government’s needed austerity measures. Most likely you’ll be the one on the front line waving your red flags.

      1. Austerity measures are already being implemented since June 2010. Salaries have been cut, taxes have risen, social support funds diminished, etc. Have you seen in the news any public demonstration of rage against that? Any violence in the streets? Zero. And there will be others measures, more drastic, with the arrival of IMF. Of course. If you look at what i wrote you will see that i don’t question any of that. And i can assure you that, again, you won’t see any public disorders like the ones we saw in Greece, or England, for instance.

        I was just shocked with the way in wich the commentator “big franck” adressed the question. Ok?

        I could talk about many others things that makes me worry about the EU. Like the possible effect of deepening the recession that the usual measures of the IMF are likely to ensure on us. Is Greece any better? Or Ireland? And why doesn’t anyone talk about the political and finantial disaster that is Belgium? Because they aren’t southerners?

        One admirable example is Iceland. They dealt with the IMF in a great way, not accepting high interest rates and, therefore, being able to rise again, quickly. With determination and work, of course. And cleaning the rotten politics and financials. Wish we could be able to do the same. But, being southerners and all, maybe we can’t… Just kidding with you!

        Well, i leave you my regards. Bye.

  3. Thank you for not publishing my earlier comment. That action made clear your policy in what respects freedom of speech. By my guest and erase this one, again.

    1. I have no idea of what you’re talking about. update: now I do do, you posted something while I was not online, I manage all the comments, and the first time you comment, it has to be approved, after that they are automatically allowed. Don’t jump to conclusions so soon.

  4. I’m portuguese and agre 100% with the finns, we dont need help, we dont want help, speculation of the markets its all about it, Ireland, Greece, Italy or Spain… speculation of the capitalist disorder.

    salute! from the west
    Portugal since 1143

    1. em baixo á direita, I’m glad you feel that way. Keep to your socialist utopia paradise and suck it up when it all implodes around you. Like I said before, there’s no such thing as a free lunch.

  5. Europe, especially England and Portugal, are applying budget cuts, which have generated social and economic problems. Portugal is facing inflation, unemployment, low GDP rate and the explosive growth and production problems. Here is an economic analysis of the bailout to Portugal, also a comparison of the unemployment rate, GDP growth and minimum wages in other countries:

    There is also an economic analysis of budget cuts in England in this blog.


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