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There needs to be a setting of the record straight before this story gets way ahead of itself.

Juha Molari: “There’s support in Finland of Islamofobia. There is support for radical Islamists in Finland at the same time Finland has strengthened Islamophobia, in particular by the Christian Democrat, Päivi Räsänen and the True Finns, along with a bunch of others.”

The video report by Russia Today sent to the TT by Vlad Tepes says that the priest, Juha Molari, is being prosecuted for calling a terrorist… a terrorist, but as far as the Tundra Tabloids can ascertain, that’s not the case, that’s just the meme being spread by the Russia Today news network.

The marxist pastor is of course wrongly being persecuted by the Finnish state, and it’s also true that the Finnish state prosecutors office deems the Chechen terrorist, Doku Umarov, “a statemen” and maintains a jihadi website and Chechen office in Helsinki. However, their investigation / case against the Lutheran priest for, is his stating that all the Chechen refugees coming to Finland have ties to terrorism.

Also, one of the people aligned with this pastor who’s featured prominently in the Russia Today report, has been on record for supporting sharia law: Johan Bäckman here are just but a few snippets:

  • But by introducing Sharia specifically as a mediation system, can the incorporation of human rights be better supported.”
  • “Unfortunately, our understanding of Sharia law is very islamofobic.”
  • “Sharia law must be immediately become part of the judicial system for the entire European Union. Finland could set a good example.”
  • Many Muslim women are of the opinion that the station of women in the West is weaker than in Muslim countries.”

For this pastor to somehow be  promoted as champion fighter against fundamentalist Islam, while his close colleague, Johan Bäckman, is a vocal supporter/advocate of totalitarian sharia, the same sharia mind you, that terrorist, Doku Umarov, is implementing in areas under his control, is farcical.

Someone needs to start asking some serious questions about this couple of “free speech” advocates,. While the Tundra Tabloids wholly supports free speech, and that means supporting Molari’s right to say what he did, the TT does not jump to their  cause, nor supports Johan Bäckman, who has been proven to be a liar.  KGS



NOTE: Here is Johan Bäckman’s SAFKA website where his other pal, former Finnish Islamic Party spokeman, Abdulla Tammi interviews a Marxist who goes by the name of Leo “Robin Hood” Nieminen, who’s running for parliament elections. Robin Hood wants a serious distribution of wealth, with each Finn being paid by the state, 1,400 Euros a month tax-free.

The Tundra Tabloids knows that it’s Risto “Abdullah” Tammi interviewing him by the sound of his voice. So these are the people connected to this Lutheran pastor. Just thought everyone should know before they make this “dream team” a Cause célèbre.

The state shouldn’t be picking on the Marxist for speaking his mind, as well as allowing for a jihadi website to broadcast from Helsinki. This is one weird story.

NOTE: Special thanks to Vasarahammer for some of these links

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  1. The Finnish human rights fundamentalists and Molari perfectly deserve each other.

    By the way, the guy whose company hosts Kavkazcenter is also a free speech activist. Mikael Storsjö heads Electronic Frontier Finland organization that promotes free speech in the internet. The problem with Storsjö is that he has a “one man immigration policy”. He is currently on trial for illegally smuggling around 50 Chechens to Finland from Turkey.

    Molari, Bäckman and the SAFKA crowd are in no position to criticize anyone. Bäckman reported Finnish ProKarelia organization to the police for “incitement of ethnic hatred” when ProKarelia arranged a presentation of the film “Soviet Story”.

    The one and only purpose of SAFKA (Finnish Anti-Fascist Committee) is to promote the interests of the Russian government. They have no other agenda.

    On the other hand, Storsjö and Green MEP Heidi Hautala belong to the same human rights activist organization Finrosforum that has been the target of SAFKA. Storsjö has also stood as a candidate for Green Party.

    I don’t want to draw a false moral equivalency here. SAFKA crowd are pests who harass people who are deemed against the interests of Russia. The people in Finrosforum are mostly sincere though in some points somewhat misguided. Heidi Hautala is a green loon who wants EU countries to share the burden on the refugees from North Africa. She has also advocated the establishment of employee recruitment centers in Africa to get new workers to EU countries.

    1. The more one peels back the layers of this onion, the more bizarre it becomes. The icing on the cake is the happy trio all being a part of the Marxist Työvaenpuolue. You got to admire the stamina of these misfits.

  2. The story about Molari’s fate in the hands of Finnish human rights enforcers was published all across Russian MSM. You also have to admire how easily these guys get their message published in Russian media. This together with the fact that SAFKA guys have a lot of stamina makes you think that they must receive some financial compensation for their efforts.

    Bäckman is often used as an expert concerning Finnish and Baltic affairs in the Russian media. There he can lie as much as he likes and there is nobody to argue against him.

    1. Thanks Vasarahammer, Bäckman is a real piece of work. A real loon and goon in every sense. It’s highly reasonable to expect money to be flowing into their SAFKA’s coffers from Russia. This whole situation stinks all the way around, the Finnish state shouldn’t allow a jihadi website and network to operate here in Finland.

      1. Thanks for the tip off that there is more to this story than has been reported KGS! I’ve done a new post on it and pointed folks over here for the great digging you guys have done, giving a much fuller picture of the situation and this guy’s rather unsavory associates and ties.

        1. Thanks Yaeli, if not for his nefarious ties and other forces working to use this story for their own aim, I would be more supportive of Molari. It’s another eye opener for those of us who use the RT news network. They have interesting material and touch on issues the MSM passes over, but they have a clear Russian agenda. The fact that the main principle players here are all sharia advocates should not be overlooked. Robert Spencer also published the piece from RT without looking deeper.

  3. Since this Chechen fellow is what the priest says he is, why should the priest suffer for calling a spade a spade? What we have here is an example of “Political correctness” gone awry. What we also have here is an example of being nice to people who will eventually take away your liberties and force you to live the way they want you to live.

    1. I’m not saying he should be persecuted by the state, but neither should he be made into a martyr. They are for sharia you know.

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