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Islam proven a sham, the Koran is made up of different languages making it incomprehensible to read, no matter how hard one sways the head or slams it into the carpet. One can almost envision the whole facade collapsing under the weight of evidence!

This is required reading. Thanks to the Gates of Vienna for publishing this most interesting piece that blows apart the myth that the Koran was first written in pure Arabic. Those of us who spend a lot of time blogging about Islam, Jihad, and Islamization, have been visited at one time or another by Islamic apologists claiming that we in the Counterjihad haven’t the expertise to judge the Koran, Islam or Muslims since we are neither Muslims ourselves nor speakers of Arabic.

It was a lame argument to begin with, most arguments coming from Muslims are in fact lame, but that doesn’t stop them from proffering them. The overwhelming majority of Muslims in the world do not speak Arabic as a first language, nor do they understand for the most part, what they are saying when reciting the Koran.

El-Cid, writing at the, Gates of Vienna, takes it multiple steps further in exposing the myth behind the language of the Koran itself, revealing its true origins which hail not from the heavens, but from the mix of local languages and dialects of the region. KGS

El-Cid: “the Koran does not speak pure Arabic, but a confused speech permeated with Aramaic words instead.”

“much of the Koran is not in Arabic, and much of it is incomprehensible, not because it contains some deep inscrutable meaning, but because it simply is written in a language other then pure Arabic.”

God Does Not Speak Arabic! — Part 1

The Baron: Our guest-essayist El Cid returns with the first installment of a three-part account of the linguistic origins of the Koran. According to his analysis, not only is the Koran not quite what everybody thinks it is, but it is also written in a different language than is commonly assumed.

Koranic Arabic is the cement that holds Islam together, and is both its strength and its fatal weakness. A weakness, because according to Christoph Luxenberg, once the flaws and inconsistencies of the strange Arabic of the Koran are revealed, the Muslims’ false claim that it is God’s perfect and incorruptible language is exposed to reveal the truth that it is not. Not only is it not perfect, it is of human and not divine origin. The overwhelming evidence suggests that it is not even pure Arabic, but a “patois” or a mixture of Aramaic and the Arabic dialect of Mecca!

I have several copies of the Koran in my library, a few in English, some in Spanish, but most in Arabic. One very ornate Koran with the following words on its cover written in a complicated enigmatic Arabic script boldly and confidently proclaims that it is “The Guidance for Mankind.”

For Muslims the Koran is truly an enigma, and when read in prayer the rhythm and cadence of its words have a narcotic effect on their senses and mind. A recitation of the Koran rolls off one’s tongue with the rhythmic simplicity of modern a day “rap” song. For millions of Muslims who have no clue about its language and memorize it word for word, this is all they have. Its narcotic affect permeates the believer in much the same way a child is comforted with repetitive and familiar sounds he does not understand.

The first line of the Koran is a good example of this. This and hundreds of other lines are read over and over again by young Muslims who don’t even understand their meaning, and many of whom are illiterate in their own native tongues. Such is the grip that these so-called “God words” have on a quarter of humanity.

Read it all here.

NOTE: Just wait until the actual person of Mohamed is scrutinized, even more so than the Koran. The Tundra Tabloids wagers that his very existence as a real person can be adequately repudiated. Just wait and see, the real exposing of the Mohammedan ideology and it’s supposed founder is just in its infancy.

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