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The Tundra Tabloids posted something on the author of the Goldstone Report yesterday, Richard Goldstone, who headed a UN funded investigation on the Gaza War from 2008-2009, looking for evidence of war crimes, violations of human rights etc. Well he indeed found them, but it was the Hamas who did the violating.

After all that Goldstone did to besmirch and demonize Israel in the countless hearings, interviews and panels he participated in, he simply types up an op-ed then offers a mea culpa and expects it to end there. Well the TT’s good friend and fellow blogger TINSC has something to say about it as well. KGS

Great catch TINSC!

TINSC: Goldstone needs to do some simple things required of Jews who believe in Gd:

1. He must admit he lied and apologize for it.
2. He must fully identify those who told him to lie and then aided him in doing so.

People lie! It’s a fact. Only those who do it repeatedly are liars. It’s rather sad that Goldstone waited 2 years before hinting that the report was a fabrication. Moreover, he merely refutes its findings and admits no wrongdoing. Nobody should feel like he’s done anyone a big favor.

Any claim by Goldstone that he was unaware of the deliberate manner in which his report demonized Israel is a bold-faced lie that only compounds the lack of credibility in his initial report. If Richard Goldstone is going to get it right with the Creator, he needs to fess up to what we already know. There’s no way around this.

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