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It’s time for Frank Johansson, spokesman for Finland’s A.I. branch, to make good on his apology last year to the Israeli Ambassador, Avi Granot, for calling Israel a “scum state“, and issue a full retraction.


Frank Johansson should also remove the series of press releases he has posted on his organization’s Finnish, where Israel is cast as intentionally targeting civilians, due to the highly flawed Goldstone Report.


What are you going to do Frank?

NOTE: Keeping the press releases online, as well as not issuing a retraction, only goes to further discredit Amnesty International’s reputation.

US Jewish groups urge Goldstone to retract report

04/03/2011 11:57


AJC: Report “has become a tool in the arsenal of those who demonize Israel;” NGO monitor slams anti-Israel NGOs as “lacking credibility.”


Following a Washington Post op-ed published Friday by Judge Richard Goldstone refuting allegations that Israel had a policy of targeting civilians during Operation Cast Lead, American Jewish organizations have called on Goldstone to retract his report.


The American Jewish Committee (AJC) issued a statement calling on Goldstone to formally ask the UN Human Rights Council to revise and update his commission’s 2009 report on Israel’s campaign against Hamas in Gaza in a way that aligns its conclusions with his new thinking on what transpired.


“The Washington Post is not the place for Judge Goldstone to recant the biased and damaging UN report he wrote on the Gaza conflict,” said AJC Executive Director David Harris. 


“Judge Goldstone should apologize to the State of Israel for the accusations of intentionally targeting civilians, which he now admits were unfounded. He should present his updated conclusions to the UN Human Rights Council, as well as to the General Assembly, which endorsed the skewed report, and press for its rejection.”


On the accusations that Israel refused to cooperate with the Goldstone Commission Harris said, “Judge Goldstone may continue to believe that Israel did not cooperate, but he knows Israel gave him reports and also opened its own investigations. Judge Goldstone knows deep in his soul that he and his team chose to ignore or selectively excerpt the Israeli evidence.”


Harris continued to assert, however, despite that Goldstone’s current “admissions” two years later, the report caused irreversible damage to Israel. “The Goldstone report essentially gave impunity to Hamas for its ongoing war crimes.”


“Some may appreciate Judge Goldstone’s candor, but the UN report he authored already has become a tool in the arsenal of those who demonize Israel,” said Harris.


“Regrettably, during the past two years Goldstone himself has contributed greatly to the broad smear against Israel by disseminating his report’s unfounded allegations in numerous interviews and articles. We hope he will defend his new thinking with the same vigor he employed to promote his earlier report.”


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  1. Goldstone needs to do some simple things required of Jews who believe in Gd:

    1. He must admit he lied and apologize for it.
    2. He must fully identify those who told him to lie and then aided him in doing so.

    People lie! It’s a fact. Only those who do it repeatedly are liars. It’s rather sad that Goldstone waited 2 years before hinting that the report was a fabrication. Moreover, he merely refutes its findings and admits no wrongdoing. Nobody should feel like he’s done anyone a big favor.

    Any claim by Goldstone that he was unaware of the deliberate manner in which his report demonized Israel is a bold-faced lie that only compounds the lack of credibility in his initial report. If Richard Goldstone is going to get it right with the Creator, he needs to fess up to what we already know. There’s no way around this.

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