Islam in Finland


The Finns are really screwing themselves over big time if they keep the trend going, just look around Scandinavia to see how things are “working out” elsewhere. Unbelievable, and Finns had traditional grudges against the Russians, just wait until this community starts to really starts to grow and get uppity, then what are we going to do? KGS

NOTE: Russian Orthodox is the second largest church in Finland and holds equal status.

Islamic teaching is growing rapidly in Finland

MTV3: The religion of Islam is taught in Finland’s larger cities already more than the Orthodox religion.

The phenomenon is explained by the Finnish Muslim population’s rapid growth which increases teaching groups.

Islam lessons adhere to a curriculum, all Muslims must be satisfied with basic Islam. The teacher does not have to be a Muslim, but links to it is useful, estimates the National Board of Education Mr. Iivonen.

Owing to increasing demand, there’s already a shortage of teachers of Islam.

– We are missing quite a lot, some dozens of skilled and knowledgeable teachers. The situation may be resolved in 5-10 years, Iivonen estimates.

In Finland, the law states that everyone is entitled to education in their own religion. In Finland, there are curriculums for 11 different religions.

H/T: Dennis Mitzner

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  1. I can only imagine the cheery, kumbayah way a story of this type would be spun in the HS English edition.

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