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It’s election season here in Finland, and the politicians are out pressing the flesh and handing out their talking points. The Tundra Tabloids was just speaking with the Finnish Minister of Education, the National Coalition’s Henna Virkkunen, this morning about the corrupted EU.

She basically agreed with everything that I said about the Brussels’ institution, (the corruption and lack of democratic accountability) as well as agreeing that around 65% of the laws being approved by our parliament here in Finland originate in Brussels. She also agreed that our politicians should be speaking more openly about the negative aspects of the EU, but lets be honest here, no Finnish politician, outside of the True Finns, is going to expose the very institution that their own parties have wrapped their arms around.

Virkkunen also admitted that she doesn’t know how deep the financial hole will get, where the bailing out of the southern states (PIGS) are concerned. One of her entourage however, Johanna Manninen, was very proud of the fact that the high ranking EU bureaucrats were pleased with Finland’s rapid response in coughing up the funds to hand over to Greece, “Finland got high marks for that”.

That’s how many of our Finnish politicians here think, “if we please the masters in Brussels Finland will gain even more respectability”. Wow! So what Manninen was saying is, the better Finland dances to the tune of Brussels, the better. So in essence,  there is no amount of EU propaganda that will be rejected, let alone scrutinized by these politicians.

Sinuhe Wallenheimo, for whom the National Coalition was turning out to campaign for this morning as they toured the area, struck me as a nice, logical type of guy, but none of these issues were on his mind, neither on Minister of Education nor on Manninen’s.  There is no curiosity on their behalf about these issues, the TT’s comments came across like a shot from the dark, and is reason enough to not be interested in the Kokoomus (National Coalition) this time around. KGS



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