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The Muslim Brotherhood has been winked at and looked at between the fingers by the West for decades, most noticeably by those who belong to -as the TT likes to call it- the “School for Norwegian International Politics”, or… ‘SNIP’, which in complete contrast of, and opposition to, the School of ‘Grow A Pair’.

Those who cling to the SNIP school of foreign politics and statecraft, can’t see the foolishness in demanding the recognition of avowed genocidal racist supremacists political groups like the Muslim Brotherhood, let alone the insanity of taking them at their word.

How about when it’s proven that they have taken back their words? KGS

Muslim Brotherhood Proves It Is Radical and Aggressive–According to its Own Test

By Barry Rubin

In his New York Times op-ed back in February, Muslim Brotherhood agent–disguised as sophisticated academic–Tariq Ramadan wrote:

“By deciding to line up behind Mohamed ElBaradei, who has emerged as the chief figure among the anti-Mubarak protesters, the Muslim Brotherhood’s leadership has signaled that now is not the time to expose itself by making political demands that might frighten the West, not to mention the Egyptian people. Caution is the watchword. “

But wait! Now it is the month of March and the Brotherhood has broken with ElBaradei. In fact, Brotherhood supporters by the hundred threw stones at ElBaradei and prevented him from voting on the constitutional amendments during the recent referendum. So much for democracy.

So to take Ramadan at his word, now that the Brotherhood has turned against ElBaradei and physically attacked him, does that mean–to paraphrase Ramadan–that:

The Muslim Brotherhood’s leadership has signaled that now is the time to expose itself by making political demands that might frighten the West and the Egyptian people. Confidence and aggression is the watchword.

In other words, the Brotherhood can toss away one of the main “proofs” of its moderation and lack of aggressiveness and the Western elite–including those in whose newspaper these words appeared–don’t even notice!

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