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Anyone who thinks that an Israeli peace agreement with Hamas is somehow attainable, is delusional, sorry to be so upfront with the criticism, but it’s a fact. Barry Rubin lays out the case, yet again, on the reasons why anything short of a total destruction of the Hamas and its hierarchy as an organization, will continue to spell trouble for the entire region for decades to come. KGS

Egypt’s Revolution Plus U.S. Government Mistakes Makes Israel-Hamas War Inevitable

By Barry Rubin

I’m going to make a prediction here that, unfortunately, I’m sure will come true. Any good analyst should be able to see this, yet few will until it happens within the next one or two years:

The Egyptian revolution and U.S. policy mistakes make a new Israel-Hamas war inevitable, and as a result it will be a lot more of an international mess.


First, Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip, is a revolutionary Islamist movement that views itself as directed by God’s will; considers Jews to be subhuman; believes that a willingness to court suicide and welcome death and destruction will bring victory; is certain that it is going to destroy Israel; and is determined to transform Palestinian society into an Islamic utopia, no matter how many people it has to kill. It is indifferent to the well-being, or even physical survival, of the Palestinians it rules.

And not one word of that is an exaggeration.

Given this situation, there are only two ways to stop Hamas from waging war on Israel. A shorter-range solution is deterrence through strength and weakening Hamas with tough sanctions. The defeat Israel inflicted on Hamas in the 2008-2009 war and the tight sanctions in place until 2010 forced the organization to retrench and be cautious for a while.

The only longer-term solution is the overthrow of the Hamas regime in the Gaza Strip and the maximum possible destruction of that group’s leadership, structures, and resources.

Events in Egypt and U.S. policy, however, have destroyed this shorter-range solution and made impossible the longer-range one.

If Hamas is confident, it will go to war. With more and better weapons, Hamas will go to war. If it believes that the international environment is permissive–much less supportive!–it will go to war. It’s only a matter of timing.

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