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Special thanks to Brian of London for the heads up on this piece of his, as well as linking to the Tundra Tabloids’ post on the interview of the IDF paramedic who responded to the call at the Itamar massacre of Rabbi Fogel and the majority of his family by Palestinian terrorists.

The TT would like to return the favor by linking to Brian’s post on the same subject but with a different angle. The brutal murder of this family reveals a bigger pathology at play, something that the TT has never truly contemplated before, something that overwhelming majority of Arabs living throughout the Middle East have in common, the ritual killing of the animals they eat.

They talk about violent video games having an effect on the young, but what about the spilling of blood in which the entire family participates, how much more of a negative burden does that place on the developing mind? Click here for the article. KGS

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  1. Yes, this is something I have been thinking about recently. About 8 years ago I saw an accusation on an Arab/anti-Semitic website an accusation that Israelis kill thousands of Palestinian babies each month by kosher slaughter. Besides the outrageous lying going on, it was also totally irrational within the parameters of Jewish law. Only much later did I discover that there is such a thing as “Hallal Murder”. Ka-ching! Another case of projection! And as the Itamar killings show again, it is in fact exactly what they will do to Jewish babies if given half a chance.

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