CAIR Gaddafi


The Council on American and Islamic Relations in any other time period would have been disbanded and their leadership rounded up and thrown into the US prison system. These traitorous bastards need to be taken down by US law officials and fast, they’re a public menace. KGS

CAIR Officials Sought Gaddafi Money

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  1. not the only one getting Qaddafi $$, on YouTube a Muslim (suspended but back w/ new account) on his old account PleaseAvoidHellFire had a video (now removed) of grandma Sarah Obama and Qaddafi sitting down together quite intimately, then not long after that an American living in Kenya YouTuber whose account is still up posted a video of him (the YouTuber) sitting right next to grandma Sarah at her home with an interpreter, and shortly after that in another video recounted how the translator said Sarah related how Qaddafi, along with Japan, were financing the Obama school there in Kenya. (and in a very recent video of his talking about the Kenyan disappointment that Obama didn’t fulfill his promise to visit in honor of the Kenyan Constitution, a Kenyan being interviewed complained it was especially upsetting since Obama was a citizen of Kenya, lol.

    1. Whenever one looks into the background of this guy, they find all kinds of squiggly things worming themselves around and about. Truly fascinating to behold.

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