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It’s the Tundra Tabloids’ opinion that the “human shields” are legal targets under the rules of war that are defined under the articles of the Geneva Conventions. They are willingly placing themselves into harms way to defend a military target. I see no difference in the Allied bombing of German factories involved in the war industry during WWII, and these morons sitting atop of Gadaffi’s government buildings. You’re of course free to disagree, and if you do, please leave them in the comments to this post. KGS

NOTE: The TT is of the opinion that the West has no dog in the fight and should stand back to see which sides wins. If the US happens to get valid intel on the exact whereabouts of Gadaffi and took him out, well that should be the end of it. Obama should have said the reason for getting involved was to kill Gadaffi, nothing more, nothing less.

Mission aborted on orders of SAS: RAF attack is halted after troops spot human shields

The RAF was just moments away from obliterating civilians being used as unwitting human shields by Colonel Gaddafi when SAS ‘spotters’ aborted the mission.

Tornado GR4 fighter jets were closing in on Gaddafi’s presidential compound when the covert troops saw a group of people, including journalists reported to be from CNN and Reuters.

The air raid was following up a Tomahawk cruise missile strike launched against the compound by a British submarine.

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  1. Curious, why didn´t Quaddafi just round up captured rioters and chaine them to his tanks and missile-launchers?

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