It’s about time. The EDL has been whipped and branded by the British leftist media with the label of Far-Right for far too long. The label of “Far-Right” is just a leftist euphemism for Nazis and Fascists, who are actually leftist in origin, statist in thinking and are what amounts to being an “ultra”-nationalist socialist movements. The EDL is a patriotic (a mild correct form of nationalism) movement and an inclusive human rights motivated organization, so the media better start getting it right. KGS

Press Release: The EDL Is A Human Rights Organisation

Please note: the English Defence League (EDL) is not now, nor has it ever been a “Far Right” organisation. The EDL welcomes all colours, creeds, religions, sexualities and anyone who believes in the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family.

In the past many media outlets have dubbed the EDL “Far Right” without providing any significant evidence to back up this claim. We have not reacted up to now.

The EDL would like to alert all media outlets we have been advised in the future we should not allow news reportage to describe as or link the EDL to the “Far Right” without significant evidence (such as has not been provided up to now).

Should any media now refer to the EDL as “Far Right” or associated terms with negative or extreme conotations, without providing justifying evidence and giving the EDL a right to reply, as they are required to do by Press Complaints Commission (PCC) Editors’ Code section 1-i and 1-ii (Accuracy) & Section 2, we will have to consider an official complaint to the PCC.

As the EDL has a large following among ethnic minorities, different religions and differing sexualities, who are happy to stand up for the England they want to live in, describing these people as “Far Right” is inaccurate, insulting and morally wrong. The EDL has an obligation to protect its supporters from this accusation and will act accordingly.

For a detailed explanation of the EDL’s aims and policies please refer to our Mission Statement.

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