The Tundra Tabloids is on record for not caring which sides win in the Libyan civil war, both sides contain totalitarian elements, and it’s a toss up between which would rule Libya with a more iron fist. So if Gadaffi indeed gets the bullet, or Tomahawk cruise missile down his shorts, it’s of no significance to me.

The West shouldn’t have gotten into the middle of dog fight, and Obama was loathe to get his hands involved, but for completely different reasons, he hates using US military power, and his buddies back home, like Louis Farrakhan and the Rev.Wright were friends of Gadaffi. Sure, the TT pop a cork if it hears of Gaddafi getting dusted, the criminal behind the Lockerbie Pan Am jet airline bombing and a host of other terrorist endeavors, but the TT still doesn’t support the helping of the rebels. KGS

Gaddafi may become target of air strikes, Liam Fox admits

Coalition forces accused of mission creep and disproportionate action against Tripoli

Da Guadrain: America, France and Britain (TT correction: France, UK ……..and a distant timid US) – the leaders of the coalition’s air attacks on Libya – were struggling to maintain international support for their actions, as they faced stinging criticism about mission creep from the leader of the Arab League, as well as from China and Russia.

Critics claimed that the coalition of the willing may have been acting disproportionately and had come perilously close to making Gaddafi’s departure an explicit goal of UN policy.

Russia, which abstained on the UN vote last week, called for “an end to indiscriminate force”.

Despite denials from coalition forces, Alexander Lukashevich, Russia’s foreign ministry spokesman, said that the coalition had hit non-military targets.

He suggested that 48 civilians had been killed. “We believe a mandate given by the UN security council resolution – a controversial move in itself – should not be used to achieve goals outside its provisions, which only see measures necessary to protect civilian population,” he said.

The Arab League secretary general, Amr Moussa, also startled western governments when he denounced the air attacks only a week after the league had called for creation of a no-fly zone.

Moussa, who is a candidate for the Egyptian presidency, said: “What has happened in Libya differs from the goal of imposing a no-fly zone and what we want is the protection of civilians and not bombing other civilians.”

The Foreign Office later said Moussa claimed he had been misquoted, or had put his criticism more strongly in Arabic than in English. “We will continue to work with our Arab partners to enforce the resolution for the good of the Libyan people,” the FO said.

The Arab League had, though, been called to an emergency session to discuss the scale of the attacks.

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