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3.19.2011 20:40 One million mark made.

The Tundra Tabloids would like to thank its many readers for the trust that they have bestowed in the TT over the years, ever since this blog began over at blogspot.com in Sept of 2005. It’s been a great ride! The Tundra Tabloids, through the help of its many tipsters (some are anonymous and others close friends)  has been able to publish thousands of stories, some of them ground breaking exclusives, that would have otherwise slipped under the radar screen.

I am indebted to you all. KGS

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  1. Keep up the great work! This site has brought to my attention a lot of stories that I would have never come across living in America where our MSM has been corrupted by the forces of Islam.

    1. Thanks Infidel, much appreciated, the TT is always ready to serve.

  2. Thank you for all the work you, specially as it is hard writing, editing and publishing several articles a day.

    Though sometimes it may not appear so, Bloggers such as yourself have made a difference – all one has to ask is what our situation in the West would have been had it not been for bloggers, and the MSM had continued to glorify Islam and denigrate Christianity.

    1. Hi DP111. your words are warmly appreciated. It does indeed take time to write, edit and publish these articles day in and day out, but with people such as yourself who have written to congratulate me for my work, it makes it all worth while, and more. Much appreciated. KGS

      1. KGS

        Keep it up, but also take time off. I remember having to suggest to Fjordman many years back, that he needed to get Islam out of his hair for a weeks every few months, or he would “burn out” or get sick of it. Islam and Muslims are not the sort of subjects that Maria would put in her song

        When the dog bites,
        When the bee stings,
        When I’m feeling sad,
        I simply remember my favorite things,
        And then I don’t feel so bad.

        Wont be posting for a while as we are off to Down Under.

        Take care, and God Bless you.

  3. TT seems to be the one of the few places to get the facts and not the slanted, opinionated, and biased BS that the pompous blowhards in the MSM deliver to us on a daily basis. When a story breaks in the MSM it’s old news on TT. TT is doing a fantastic job, go for 2 million!

  4. Hi KGS,

    Well done indeed. Looking forward for the next 1,000,000. Sorry, for not having the time to be more active here.

    Very best!!

  5. Congratulations on what you have achieved KGS, and for your significant contribution to alerting all of us about the ongoing political offensive being mounted by the enemy of freedom and democracy.

    Look after yourself, KGS, take a little time out occasionally, mon ami, and may you continue to flourish and prosper in your work for many years to come.

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