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There’s not a political leader in Europe who would be willing to sit down and talk with Basque terrorists while they’re busy blowing European cities. Hell, these same leaders won’t even talk shop with a truly democratic, pluralist Belgian separatist party of the Vlaams Belang. However these same leaders are more than willing to lecture Israelis about the need to sit down and talk with the Islamonazis of Hamas and Fattah. KGS

NOTE: There is no comparison with the Basque (nor IRA) terror groups with that of the Islamonazis, Hamas and Fattah, and all the little terror groups in between. The European terror groups (IRA formerly) have no genocidal design on the nation states they are targeting, the Islamonazis have every intention of destroying the Jewish state of Israel.

Lieberman: ‘World supporting creation of terror state’

03/19/2011 12:43

Foreign minister instructs diplomats to file complaint in UN over morning barrage of mortars from Gaza; follows complaint over ‘Victoria.’

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman instructed Israel’s diplomats in New York to lodge a complaint in the United Nations against a heavy barrage of mortar fire from the Gaza Strip Saturday morning.

Lieberman said that international support for the establishment of a Palestinian state is actually “support for the establishment of a terror state whose primary aim is the destruction of Israel.”

Forty-nine mortar shells were fired from the Gaza Strip into Israeli territory on Saturday morning. Two Israelis were lightly injured from shrapnel. Hamas’ armed wing Izzadin Kassam Brigades, claimed responsibility for 10 of the mortars fired.

On Friday, Ambassador to the UN Meron Reuben on Friday filed an official complaint with the Security Council following the seizure of weapons from the cargo ship Victoria earlier this week.

The complaint stated that the attempt to transfer weapons from Iran to Gaza by way of Syria constituted a violation of a number of Security Council resolutions.

The Israel Navy seized the cargo vessel early Tuesday morning in the Mediterranean Sea. It was carrying advanced weaponry, including anti-ship missiles that could alter the balance of power in the region.

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