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I don’t want to hear anything about “rogue units” or that Hamas was unaware of the attack before hand, anything that happens in Gaza, the Hamas knows about. They are loathe for any re-unification with Fattah, and do not want to lose their grip in Gaza through a loss in any general election. Remember folks, it’s one man, one vote, one time. KGS


Gaza militants shell Israel‎ – AFP
Dozens of mortar shells fired from Gaza‎ – Ynetnews
5 injured in Israel-Palestinian violence‎ – CNN

Palestinian militants fire rockets into Israel

Palestinian militants today bombarded Israel’s southern territories with a barrage of over 50 rockets that reportedly left at least two people injured. The rockets began to land in the early hours today, with most of them landing in open areas in southern Israel’s western Eshkol region. In the poun

ding, two people were reported to be lightly injured and two homes damaged – breaking a relatively long period of lull in violence at a time when Fatah dominated Palestinian Authority is in reconciliatory talks with Islamist Hamas that controls the Gaza Strip.
Police forces rushed to the area in order to record where the rockets had fallen, and where they had exploded. Residents in the area were ordered to remain inside their houses and in shelters. Eshkol Regional Council head, Haim Yalin, said the protected spaces proved themselves.

“They really save lives. What happened here this morning is something which we unfortunately call an emergency routine. “So we’ve managed to seize a ship, but who knows how much they have already smuggled into the Strip. The communities’ emergency squads did their job and the residents remained in protected spaces,” Yalin said.

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman has instructed the Israeli envoy to the UN to lodge an official complaint in response to the rocket fire, Ha’aretz reported.

“The offensive this morning, which took place while the Palestinian Authority (PA) and Hamas were speaking about reunification, shows that the international support for a Palestinian state that the Palestinians are trying to garner, will actually be support for the creation of a terrorist state,” Lieberman wrote in the message meant to be conveyed to the UN.

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  1. this is a moment when we all should remember the evil-doers who helped make this attack possible: richard goldstone, desmond travers, navi pillay, and a host of other two-legged rats.

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