Escalation. The Tundra Tabloids predicts that the instituting of the no-fly zone will not alter the outcome of the civil war. They’ll either fight to a stale-mate or the rebels will be defeated.

NOTE: Word of warning, a TT source says: “News from the ground…if and when nato/ ?attacks Libya…Libyans supporting Gadaffi in the security sector around the EU will do an insurgency.”

More here.

UPDATE: RT News has a video reportedly of a Libyan plane being shot down by rebel fighters.

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  1. What impact will this action have upon the flood of economic migrants from North Africa using the pretext of seeking political asylum to gain entry to European nations? It seems to me that the ongoing unrest in Libya and elsewhere in the Arab world will serve only to worsen the problem of Muslim immigration to Europe. The latest wave of immigrants is already on its way. Thousands have arrived in Lampedusa but, ominously, a Moroccan ferry carrying between 1,500 and 1,800 Muslim migrants from Tripoli is sailing about the Mediterranean looking for a place in Europe to disgorge its human cargo. It was turned away from Malta and Lampedusa, but where will it head next? It’d be apt if they tried to land at Anzio. Video footage of the ship and commentary can be found here:

  2. Did we not learn from Iraq and Afghanistan? IMHO the action taken as to Libya may backfire and leave the Western powers that were in such a hurry to help the so-called ‘rebels’ not knowing who is behind them or their true motivation left holding the bag and aiding a fundamentalist Islamic movement. Unless there is some kind of interim government established if the regime falls, chaos and uncertainty will prevail.

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