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So in the short term, his not seeking re-election doesn’t really matter too much now does it? Besides, the Tundra Tabloids’ seriously doubts that Hamas and Fattah can make any kind of “reunification” stick for long. We’ve seen this dance before. This is mere window dressing until the spasm of political unrest has run its course in the neighboring ME states.

Remember, the Palestinian regimes in both Ramallah and in Gaza City have locked themselves into a protracted terrorist war with the Jewish state of their own design and choosing, they’re not about to give up on that. No amount of rabble rousing by students will endanger their overall strategy and goals in continuing their fight. To do so would be un-Islamic.  KGS

NOTE: For Abbas and crew, the dream lives on.

Abbas won’t run for re-election, Hamas pushed to unite Gaza with PA

The Palestinian president says he won’t run for re-election. This is the first time Mahmoud Abbas has said explicitly he won’t seek another term.

In a speech Wednesday to political allies, Mr. Abbas also said he is willing to travel to the Gaza Strip to promote reconciliation between the feuding Palestinian territories and form a united government.

Abbas’ plan includes new elections within six months. But he says he wouldn’t run for president again.

However, it’s not clear that elections will be held because Mr. Abbas says they cannot take place if the West Bank and Gaza don’t reunite.

Mr. Abbas said that he’d be prepared to travel to Gaza immediately, but didn’t set a date for the visit.

He has expressed willingness to make such a trip before but never went.

Mr. Abbas has not been in Gaza since Hamas militants overran the territory in June 2007, leaving him controlling only the West Bank.


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  1. Interesting that there is no comment about the map/plaque that Abbas is holding. No wonder he is smiling, the two-faced politician talks of peace, but totes a map of Palestine, which takes in all of Israel – This is Abba’s single statesolution – wipe the second state off the map.

  2. The country whether anyone likes it or lumps it has been Palestine throughout the ages. I assume the previous commentator would find it kosher if the Palestinians use an Israeli map showing no Palestine.

    1. Palestine is a region like Scandinavia is, there is no particular country called “Scandinavia”. The region of Palestine, which was formerly the united kingdoms of Judea and Samaria, was then divided by the British and half given to the Hasmites. That’s a fact. The remainder of Palestine was then divided once again into a Jewish state and another Arab one. The Arabs rejected it, and they’ve been busy rejecting the Jewish one ever since.

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