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Lets just place this one in the believe-it-when-you-see-it department. KGS

NOTE: In the event that they do form some kind of mutual understanding, just remember that it’s all due to change once they smell an opportunity to off the other.

The Terror Trio: Lets do it all again!

Hamas PM asks for ‘immediate’ unity talks with Abbas

al-AFP: Hamas prime minister Ismail Haniya on Tuesday invited Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas for “immediate” talks to mend the bitter divide between their two movements.

“I invite the president, brother Abu Mazen (Abbas), and Fatah to an immediate meeting here in Gaza or in any location which we agree upon, to start national dialogue in order to achieve reconciliation,” Haniya said in a live broadcast.

Haniya’s remarks were made after an emergency meeting of his Gaza-based government held as tens of thousands of Palestinians rallied in central Gaza City and across the West Bank to urge reconciliation between Hamas and the Fatah-dominated Palestinian Authority which rules from Ramallah.



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