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The first thing that should be hammered into the heads of US foreign policy makers, is that Islamic fundamentalists (my label of choice, fundamuslims) are not to be trusted and should be undermined whenever, wherever possible. Read up on Rubin’s 11 point theme. KGS

NOTE: As a loyal Detroit Tigers fan, this is proof of the Tundra Tabloids’ fully agreeing with Rubin’s thinking. Being a baseball enthusiast himself, i’m sure that Barry would agree.

Barry Rubin: It really isn’t so hard to come up with a good and sensible U.S. policy.

Yet over and over again in recent years I’ve been as frustrated as the great baseball manager Casey Stengel said when his team kept losing: “Can’t anybody here play this game?

What Should U.S. Policy be Toward the Current Middle East Situation?

By Barry Rubin

People ask me what the United States should be doing toward the upheavals in the Middle East. Here’s a short, quick list of themes:

1. Understanding that there are some people who want real democracy and others who don’t, U.S. policy should be focused on battling the latter, especially the revolutionary Islamists, just as much as it might help the former.

2. The United States has a right to look after its national interests. If a few of its remaining allies in the world are dictatorships–and it is amazing how few there are, only about a half-dozen compared to something like 70 just 30 years ago–then those alliances are still necessary.

3. President Obama should never have said he has no problem with the Muslim Brotherhood being in Egypt’s government. The way people in the Middle East think is that now Obama wants the Brotherhood in government! He should have said nothing.

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