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Darth Abbas: What, Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade and  Hamas working together in the Itamar massacre in hopes of derailing Bibi Netanyahu’s plan for a negotiated settlement? I’m shocked! Both ideas are utter nonsense.

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PMW: Palestinian Authority incitement to terror prior to the murders in Itamar

by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik

In the period prior to the murders of Ruth and Udi Fogel and their three children in the Israeli town Itamar, the Palestinian Authority continued to encourage terror by glorifying terrorists as heroes and role models and through calls for violence. In addition, in an act that sent a clear message of support for terror, PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas awarded $2000 to the family of a terrorist who attacked and tried to kill Israeli soldiers – just 2 months ago.

The following are some examples of terror promotion in the period leading up to the terror attack in Itamar on the West Bank two days ago in which terrorist(s) murdered five members of an Israeli family:

Abbas awards $2000 to family of terrorist

In December, a Palestinian terrorist carrying two pipe bombs ran towards the soldiers at an Israeli checkpoint, screaming “Allahu Akbar” – “Allah is Greater”. The soldiers shot him before he could detonate the bombs.

Palestinian Authority Chairman Abbas granted “the relatives of the Shahid” $2000:
“The governor of the Jenin district, Kadura Musa, has awarded a presidential grant to the family of the Shahid (Martyr), Khaldoun Najib Samoudy, during a visit that took place yesterday in the village of Al-Yamoun. The governor noted that the grant is financial aid in the amount of $2000 that the President [Mahmoud Abbas] is awarding to the relatives of the Shahid, who was recently killed as a Martyr at the Hamra checkpoint by the Israeli occupation forces.”
[Al-Hayat Al-Jadida (Fatah) Jan. 25, 2011]

A day before the terror attack in Itamar:

“Advisor to President Mahmoud Abbas… The weapons must be turned towards the main enemy [Israel]”
“Advisor to President Mahmoud Abbas and under-secretary of the Fatah Revolutionary Council, Sabri Saidam, delivered a speech… He emphasized that the weapons must be turned towards the main enemy [Israel] and that internal differences of opinion must be set aside. Saidam noted the awful living conditions of the families of Shahids [Martyrs], in the country and outside of it, and as proof he said that the allowance to the family of Shahida [Martyr] Dalal Mughrabi [leader of the bus hijacking in 1978 in which 37 civilians were murdered] is a mere $123. He demanded of the Palestinian people to treat the problems of the families of these Shahids seriously, and emphasized that the anniversary of Dalal’s Martyrdom-seeking (i.e., her terror attack) should be amplified by inaugurating a square in her name in the city of El-Bireh.”
[Al-Ayyam, March 10, 2011]

Read it all here.

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