Finnish Politics Lefty Morons Obama's Occupy Wall Street Loons


That’s the Left for you, they can’t tell you how to grow an economy, but they sure as hell can show you how to knock one straight into the crapper.

Paavo Arhinmäki, party chairman for “The Left”, which is an assorted bunch of disenfranchised malcontents who truly believe in theories of Karl Marx, jumps at the chance at trying to nix any more nuclear power plants in Finland.

Never mind the fact that we don’t live near any major fault lines, this commie politician wants to limit our choices for electricity production all the while Finnish electrical plants that run in carbon fuel are finding it difficult to operate under the current draconian regulations. So what this means is Finland will have to learn to live with less electricity if this commie’s ideas gain any steam. KGS


“The Japanese nuclear plant accident has shown that nuclear power still carries with it the risk of a catastrophic accident,” he declared.

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  1. Gee – I didn’t realise that Finland was on the “Ring of Fire” fault line that runs down the west coast of Canada, down through the west coast of the USA, and continues down right through the western side of South America and Chile, and across to New Zealand.

    But wait a minute folks – I don’t think Finland is in that region is it?

    Hmm . . perhaps Finland lies adjacent to that other fault line that runs down the eastern side of Japan, down through the Philippines, and right around the Indonesian archipelego.

    But I don’t think Finland lies along that fault line either.

    Perhaps Paavo knows a little bit more about earthquakes and Finland’s vulnerability than me.

    Or maybe Paavo is just another leftard nitwit?

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