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What’s going on here is a severe violation of the public trust. Somalis are getting divorced with the sole purpose on scamming the Norwegian social securities office. The woman, divorced, and depending upon how many children they have, will get a hefty sum from the Norwegian taxpayer. KGS

100 Somali women had children with their ex-husbands

Amal Aden, interpreter for the Somali community in Norway: ” I find that people who sit in Somalia has more knowledge of the Norwegian social security system than many ethnic Norwegians, Aden says to NRK.”

The police went in yesterday and today for action against several Somali families who are charged with aggravated social security fraud.

Police have taken action against several Somali families who are charged with aggravated social security fraud. Every family has stolen 800 000 kr from the state by pretending that the mother is the sole-supporter

For the first time Nav confirms that they know of at least 100 Somali women who have had children with her husband – after they were divorced.

The Cast Bergske children laws enacted by Parliament in 1915. They should guarantee the minimum income for single parents. On average, travelers get parents to NOK 15 000 per child per month. The system is based on trust.


Many were born outside marriage

In addition to NAV figures have been given figures from the Norwegian Central Bureau of Statistics.

It turns out that nearly half of all Somali children in this country are born out of wedlock. Whether there is a high acceptance of single mothers among Somalis, or so says the statistics about the scale of social security abuse.

Read the rest in Norwegian here.

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  1. I remember a few years ago, there was a series in one of the newspapers here in Sweden about the tragic situation for Somalis here in Sweden. It was very very sad. The strain of coming from Somalia to Sweden led to great tragedies for these families and over half of the Somali families ended up being broken homes. Very very tragic. Fortunately, the Swedish taxpayer stepped in and helped these families out economically in this extremely tragic situation. The families were also incredibly ashamed over having ended up divorcing. So much so that they tried to keep up appearance. They only divorced in the Swedish legal sense, not in the Muslim religious sense. The Imam that the reporter interviewed seemed very understanding of their plight and of their reluctance to divorce in the religious sense which would make public to their religious community their shame. They also seemed to keep up appearance in the sense that the ex-husbands tended to visit his ex-wife and children every day, often seeming to spend the night at their apartment. These men also never seemed to be reachable at the addresses that they were legally registered too. Which was probably as well as it would’ve been EXTREMELY cramped considering how many ex-husbands were registered at the same addresses.

    Hmm….wait a minute! You don’t think that these people were defrauding the Swedish tax-payers in the same way as these people in Norway are said to be doing?! Darn, that thought never crossed my mind! I’m sure that none of us reading those articles believed these people to be anything but sincere. Now that I think about it, I do seem to remember something being mentioned about these people keeping having children together. No double it was just another sacrifice to help keep up appearance.

  2. P.S. I’m sorry. My clearly racist outburst in the previous post was an inexcusable show of prejudice. Clearly there is no foul play within the Somali community in Sweden. If there was, I’m sure these people would all have been prosecuted and as far as I’m aware, not a single one of these people have been so much as arrested or even questioned for this type of fraud. So very sad though. I guess that’s the reason behind 80 percent of Somalis not participating in the labour market in Sweden. And only ten percent working, with another ten percent being unemployed. They’re simply too depressed to work. Fortunately, E.g. Ethiopians seem to deal with the situation much better and have a much higher rate of labour participation. I wonder if anyone’s been able to figure out why that is? To better help the Somalis I mean.

    1. All this talk of depression is really depressing, I wonder how I ever made it as an immigrant here in Finland, with all the depressing statistics of unemployment amongst ethnic Finns, but yet through hard work and effort on my part, I succeeded. I bet that makes Somalis even more depressed.

  3. Welfare fraud as we call it in the US is also rampant and in some areas out of control. Instead of becoming a rung on the ladder, and a way out of poverty to many devious individuals it has become a way of life. It’s no secret that the European countries with the most generous benefits are a very strong magnet to people from poor third world countries. Basic subsistence of European standards to a so-called refugee is more than they could ever earn in many lifetimes. The well meaning bleeding heart liberals are easily duped by sharp, well schooled, ‘refugees’ that their former countries are only too happy to rid themselves of. The reality of the situation is that the Western world cannot ‘save’ the entire third world. These countries have to rid themselves of corruption and utilize their resources and educate their masses. In the past billions of dollars have been sent to many African countries only to end up in Swiss banks.

    1. All of what you say is completely true. For the bleeding heart Left, and Right in some sectors, think they can solve the world’s problems and part of the answer is to open the immigration flood gates wide open. I remember a documentary, a short one, where marbles were used to represent the number of potential immigrants. stunning. No amount of immigration will solve the 3rd world’s troubles.

      1. The old saying “charity begins at home” should be heeded more often. In our own countries there are a lot of poor and needy people living in substandard conditions, some just need a little help.

  4. I think westeren europe is over occupied by should be fully stopped from all poor countries and also from the new easteren EU member countries specially poland .
    beleive me they are all surse.over 90 percent of them are here to suck the system.people from african and poor countries of asia , south america are horrible.but believe me these easteren europeans , russians only look little bit white and pale but in habits they are much more close to negros.
    I think uk, france austria, netherlands, belgium ,switzer land germany and scandinavians need some real right wing government who could kick out 80% of these immigrants and ban immigration fully for the above mentioned is much fun to see few australians or japaneses in the country than these millions of poles , russians , easterens and thousands of negros and third world countries fortune seekers.

  5. fuck you idiot pak from pakistan, You are racist. People like you we don’t need in Norway and the rest of scandenevian. You don’t know nothing about history. You sound like new nazi in Russia, Poland, and Denmark which is the most racist nation on earth. They look ungry Danes and they fear even their shadow. The Danes are most racist nation on earth. I have n’t seen whole my life like them. If you look their media, politicians, and the rest of their people you woul se how much they hate every body from other countries If you are German they hate you, Polish, African, and Asia.

  6. After reading this article only one issue comes to mind; selective immigration control. As one reader commented, the Ethiopian people in Norway are acclimating to society and making an effort to be contributing members of society. Because this also rings true here in the U.S in cities like Washington, DC, Los Angeles, and Seattle, it only seems plausible to reflect the same in Norway. It may be no coinsidence that Ethiopians are predominately Christian and embrace the freedoms and gifts that they receive when present in another country. The problem is, when you permit bigoted muslims from a unstabilized country who live by an outdated and impractical religious code to migrate to a Christian Democratic country, you’ve got a whole host of issues. Somalis here in the U.S are no different. In fact, in cities such as Minneapolis, MN and Columbus, OH, which both have sizable somali communities, the vast majority of them live off of social welfare programs. Sickening as it may be, these types of people have no business being allowed to live in a civilized, free, democratic society where they are not willing to obey the law or abide by the principles under which they obligated themselves by moving there. While not solely a Norwegian problem, Europe in general has failed to protect itself from the infestation of Muslims from the vermin crawling third world countries of this world. It is not the obligation of the civilized nations in this world to provide a haven for the deprived. My solution would be to simply look at it in analytical terms; if you have an infestation which progressively gets worse then you must exterminate the source of the problem, which in the case of Europe and the United States is by simply ending all sympathetic resettlement programs aimed at helping those those who don’t deserve to be helped. Phase two would implement a steady but gradual deportation program which would be enforced by the local and federal goverment entities to essentially uproot the undesirables from their nests and vacate them from our sovereign Christian soil. Then, once and for all, the disease would be innoculated and the free lands the west would restore their own self preservation! God Bless!

  7. Tony , take a clear look at europe’s bigger issues , in this context , Greeks who really are sucking europe’s entire taxpayer’s money and costing em billions of euros to revive them. While christianity is the prevailing faith in this nation , they share a border with Turkey(muslim nation), one of worlds large economies. choose your words carefully

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