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Even when these Western dames are all bagged up in the freedom sack, they can’t get a moment’s reprieve from the sexomuslimaniacs in the House of Saud. KGS

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Islam: Where Women Are Most Equal

Cathay cabin crew want Riyadh layover dropped

Flight attendants fear ‘hotel lizards’

Posted on March 9, 2011 by cecilie

The unrest in the Middle East is starting to make its presence felt in little Hong Kong. Cathay Pacific, which before did overnight stays in unstable Bahrain, has now started doing them in super-safe Riyadh in Saudi Arabia instead. But lo and behold, although female Cathay’s female staff are being issued full body-covers on landing in case a member of the religion of peace should happen to see them uncovered and thus naturally unable to control himself, are now complaining about local men trying to force their way into the hotel rooms of cabin crew.

The article doesn’t say what the local men had intended to do upon the successful entrance to the room; my guess is they just wanted to see a Cathay Pacific flight attendant un-bagged and then go on to inform her about the many benefits enjoyed by women living in the safe clutches of islam. However, the cabin crew members, misunderstanding the intentions of the well-meaning men; perhaps even suffering a temporary bout of islamophobia, raised the hue and cry – maybe they thought they would get raped or something. Some people are so over-dramatic! So now these hysterical and frankly anti-multiculturalist women are asking Cathay Pacific to discontinue overnight stays in Riyadh.

Read it all here.

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  1. “So now these hysterical and frankly anti-multiculturalist women”


  2. It’s no secret that ‘true followers of the teachings of the prophet’ treat their women like cattle and chattel .

  3. I’ve been saying for ten years that Islam is satanic garbage, Allah is dogshit, and Mohammed sprang from a rat’s anus. I’m sure glad I live in crowded NYC, on Madison Ave, and far from the sand monkey subhumans.

  4. Those guys in Saudi Arabia act like they have never seen a woman before…which they haven’t!


  6. What’s all the fuss? Convert to Islam. Once they’re tagged and bagged as Muslimah’s there is no problem? There is a slight problem of no male relative escort. They’re still prostitutes and women of ill repute without the sidekick. What a lovely cult this is. I’m getting mutlticultural goosebumps just thinking about it. You can be a full fledged rump ranger Muhammadian as long as your struggle with the Big Jihad is successful and you keep it in check or until someone decides gender reassignment surgery is your only way out of the gallows. You may have to suffer through a little torture and/or rape along the way, while they sort it out, and human error may cause some to die along the way, but it’s a small price to pay for Paradise. The infallibility of it all should put everyone at ease. The big guy, the one with the black rock you can circle in a smock, know best.

  7. @Big Frank
    Kafir women are treated worse than muslim women. They are subject to rape and enslavement as war booty. It’s a muslim thing.

    Tabari VIII:38 “The Messenger divided the wealth, wives, and children of the Banu Qurayza Jews among the Muslims.”

    Get your Major League Kafir Gear Here,

  8. Of course, Cathay stewardesses are mostly Chinese. So that makes them … mostly atheist AND kuffar AND possibly a little bit Buddhist AND … yeah. I think the koran covers it all. Chinese women not bagged: Fair deal! And even if bagged!

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