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The Arabs were so racist towards Blacks, that they didn’t want their slaves to breed amongst themselves, and had them castrated. So the very next time a Black thumps his chest in favor of Islam, and uses the European slave trade as a pretext for refusing Christianity, point him or her into the direction of the Tundra Tabloids. KGS

NOTE: Thanks again to Frank Kitman for this vid.

KITMAN:An Interview with Tidiane N´Diaye – Translated by Galliawatch
In May 2001 the French Parliament passed a law that came to be called Taubira’s Law after its sponsor, Christiane Taubira, the socialist deputy from Guiana. I posted an English translation of the law in May 2006. The first part of the law qualifies both slavery and the transatlantic and Indian Ocean slave trades as crimes against humanity, but does not mention the Arab-Muslim slave trade. Madame Taubira is quoted as having said in 2006 that the Negro slave trade practiced by Arab-Muslims must not be brought up too often so that “young Arabs do not bear on their shoulders all the weight of the heritage of Arab misdeeds.”

Now a book published in France by Gallimard, entitled Le Génocide Voilé (“Veiled Genocide”), exposes the cover-up of the Arab-Muslim slave trade, denounces the attempt to place all of the blame for slavery on the backs of Western countries, and goes so far as to qualify the atrocities committed by Arabs to Africans as “genocide.”

The author is Tidiane N’Diaye (photo), a Senegalese Muslim, anthropologist, economist, and researcher at INSEE (National Institute of Economic Studies). The following interview with the author is posted at Evene.

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