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Thanks to Clair Lopez and a certain other who will go nameless (you know who you are, but that’s what matters most), this story is getting some legs. The Tundra Tabloids’ good friend and counterjihad colleague, Elisabeth, was treated rather unfairly at the immigration desk upon her entry to Miami, the TT posted on it earlier. Clair Lopez adds her own thoughts.

NOTE: That’s the TT’s right shoulder in the picture.

In addition to querying Wolff about her speech and the conference, the ICE officers wanted to know why she was traveling alone, where her husband was, how she earned a living, and most inappropriate of all, whether she were a “practicing Christian.” A Dutch colleague of Wolff’s, also to speak at the conference, was similarly subjected to lengthy and hostile questioning by ICE officials, both in Amsterdam and at JFK Airport upon arrival in the U.S. After looking at the text of his speech, one of the ICE officials in Amsterdam flatly told the Dutch citizen that his activism against shariah Islam “is discrimination.”

Both Wolff and her colleague ultimately were released and permitted to continue their travel in the U.S., but were sent off with the explicit warning to Wolff that she should “tone down the rhetoric.”

While ICE and other Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officials have the legal duty to scrutinize would-be visitors to the U.S. at points of entry, what appears to be gratuitous harassment on grounds apparently related to issues of free speech is inappropriate. Wolff was convicted in Austria under laws that are incompatible with the right to free speech enshrined in the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment. No American could ever be convicted in the U.S. for “denigration of the teachings of a legally recognized religion.” Belief systems, Ideology, and religious teachings are not off-limits from criticism in this country. Not yet anyway.

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  1. It sure looks like the ICE is leaning toward becoming a sort of Stazi or even the ‘Thought Police’. Anyone who is not drinking the correct flavor of Kool Aid dispensed by the administration of our ‘Dear Leader’, and is not marching locked step with it’s agenda will always be subject to ‘special’ and more intense security screening. How could our ‘Dear Leader’ face his Muslim pals in the US and abroad if persons with a different viewpoint were not given ‘special’ and more through screening?

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