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Hot smokin letter all the way from Mauritius!

The Tundra Tabloids gets mail from all over the world, and this time it comes from someone all the way from Port Louis, Mauritius, a tiny speck of an island off the coast of Madagascar. What’s also interesting is that the person in question is a female with an ethnic Armenian name and who is a Muslim. Lets see what she’s all upset about shall we?

Writing in response to a Fjordman essay:

Olga Kasabian: Wrong doers are always insecure. they created website like this to make others feel insecure themselves. always remember zionist loves always themselves and hates all others. Such hatred and frustration have made them to eventually have no goals in life or in the after world. their destination is surely hell as revealed in God’s revelations.

Well Olga, if Zionists are indeed insecure, perhaps they have great cause to be, if a woman living all the way in the southern hemisphere on a tiny little plot of land called Mauritius, (who no doubt has never even talked with, let alone seen an actual Zionist) hates them.

This website can be compared to Mein Kamph.

No Olga, it’s the Koran that can be compared with Hitler’s “love book” for mankind, after all, mein kampf = my struggle which = jihad. Right? I think you have the picture now.

Christianity promotes violence. its adherents are KKK and Hitler among other bloodthirsty that can no longer considered human. Christian USA dropped the atomic bomb on Japan killing 100 000 in a couple of seconds. Catholic pedophile priests are protected and hide by the Pope himself and did not handed them to authorities as there are no other authorities other than the Pope himself. This is an example of a Catholic state Vatican whereby no other faith are tolerated.

1.) All sound bites Olga, with no meat. Do you really need for the TT to dig up every single verse in the Koran and Hadiths that preach hatred and violence of the non-Muslim and especially the Jew? Really, do you want to go down that path? The KKK was a cult, Hitler a pagan who deemed Christianity weak and had a fondness for Islam because he deemed it to be the exact opposite.

2.) Chrsitian USA dropped two nuke bombs upon Japan with whom they were at war with, would you have preferred that the US continue the use of carpet bombing instead and kill yet even more Japanese, or just surrender themselves to Tokyo?

3.) Pedophiles have indeed been protected by the Vatican, and condemnable, would you now join me in condemning any Muslim who follows the example of your prophet Mohamed and forces young girls to “marry” them? Besides, pedophiles caught in the West face the justice system, and are shunned, pedophiles in the Islamic world get wedding gifts.

4.) About the Vatican, it’s a tiny walled speck of a state, what do you want, a minaret placed in it’s center? Don’t bother answering that one, we already know the answer. Muslims are at least allowed inside the Vatican and in J’lem, no Christian or Jew is allowed in the entire city of Mecca.

A white christian commits columbine massacre. White Christians pre teenagers caught having sex at school. These are the headlines that should be on this website. there are stamps of british mandate palestine teritorry alone wihout the jordan area. get your facts straight. israel was never on any map in history.

5.) Rule of law punishes those who commits such crimes, in the Muslim world they hand out sweets.

6.) As for sex, it goes on in the Islamic world but it’s more hidden than in the West, except in Afghanistan, where buggering little boys is a national past time, that’s something that you wouldn’t care to divulge. The Western concept of doing what is right because you want to, instead of being afraid of getting whipped or beaten up or worse, death, is far superior to the fake piety of the Mussulman. You people do so from fear of corporal punishment, Christians and Jews do so, (as well as others) because they have the right to choose.

7.) You and your fellow Muslims would do well to admit your shortcomings, only then can you begin the task at distancing yourselves from your supremacism, arrogance and violent behavior.

8.)  The stamps you mention are from the period after the handing over of the land west of the Jordan to the Hasmites.

Women wear veils because they love God. A concept which cannot be understood by zionist as they love themselves and hates everybody.

9.) Women wear veils for many different reasons, but as long as there is one female feeling abused because of it, it’s tyranny. Besides, you should know that your Al-Azahar university in Cairo has condemned the use of it, the late Jew hater, Tanawi called it “un-Islamic”.

10.) More Zionists have been recognized for having done mankind great services than any Muslim. Just read their names on the list of Nobel prizes and companies that produce products beneficial to all.

8 Responses

  1. I’m always surprised to see people going out of their way to blame the bad things Christians do on Christianity, but when Muslims do bad things they say that Islam can not be blamed.
    This is so typical: blaming Christians, America, Israel, Zionists. Some people just lack creativity.

  2. Amazing rebuttal, TT. Well thought out, well written and straight to the point.

    1. Thanks infidel, much appreciated. It’s a pleasure to get these mustards to write their thoughts, it gives me the opportunity to crack the knuckles and fisk their comments, which takes only a few minutes to do.

  3. https://studytoanswer.net/islam_myths.html

    Now be silent all followers of the false prophet and the devil Mo-Ham-Mad, you’re the ones that will burn in the lake of fire. And a lot sooner than you thought, you rabid pig dogs.

    There’s just one more chance for you, take it or burn:

    you come now or you burn for ever together with the false prophet Mo-Ham-Mad.

    I rest my case…

  4. I have to agree with Infidel, that these are brilliantly asserted points that totally confute her ridiculous statements about Jews and Christians. Well done!

  5. You forgot to mention that the most reliable biography of Hitler’s number one man Himmler says that Himmler used to read the Quran and had it at his bedside.(“Himmler” P. Padfield) and also there were Islamic sections of Hitler’s Waffen SS during WW2. And Many of the Nazis fled to Egypt after the war…where do you think the Muslim Brotherhood got it’s anti semitic training from….

    1. Hi Ferret, you’re completely right about Himmler, thanks for bringing that up. When it comes to anti-Semitism, the Koran and accepted Hadiths predates Mein Kampf by at least a thousand plus years. In other words, the anti-Semitic connection between the two ideologies of Islam and German National Socialism was bonded through their shared views of the Jews, and ramped up through their joint cooperation.

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